More online advertising, but falling revenue per advertisement

The blame is the increase in websites

According to their clarified report on the situation of online advertising, adknowledge found for the year 1998 that a continuously growing number of websites of all kinds will look for advertising. From december 1997 to december 1998, the websites aimed at business by advertising should have grown by 38 percent. One third of the sites relied in 1998 offer classified ads or shopping.

But with the propagation of websites looking for advertising, the competitive prere is apparently increasing. The revenues that achieve websites with advertising, sink continuously. Tost an advertisement in december 1997 an average of 37.21 US dollars, only $ 35.12 in the end of 1998, which is a decrease by 6 percent. Only in the computer / technology divisions and shopping / transactions increased advertising expenditure. Kevin wandryk from adknowledge believes that the exhausting trend will continue through the steadily growing number of websites. At the beginning, the online advertisement was often cheap or was only exchanged because the medium was new, then the profit-breaking of the upcoming web will now be rendered by a superpoint of advertising bursting on the worldwide market.


The pirate religion spreads – just not in germany

At the end of 2011, the copious church was officially recognized in sweden as a religion, now it should also be spread in the US and other countries by copying and institutionalized as a church

In sweden, the pirates were created around pirate bay, but politically they did not make a real breakthrough, even though two pirates in the european chamilament were. In germany, however, in germany, the pirate party is still celebrating a success after another, she moves into the landing days and the number of members gradually. Perhaps in the absence of a successful political party, a pirate religion spreads in other countries and should be grounded new churches: the copimism church or the missionary church of kopimism in uppsala. In germany there is so far only one unofficial, private website.

In the swedish uppsala, the philosophy student of isak gerson, which is grounded in the swedish jungpiraten, founded the church missionerande kopimistic fundet together with other members of the pirate party. Kopimi is a translation of the top bid "copy me". And gersonnongen also achieved a success of a medial echo, as the religion charged by him was officially recognized at the end of 2011 in sweden after several starts. Since then, the number of members should have risen sharply and have more than 3000.


Masterpidemistry in the congo

Masterpidemistry in the Congo

Measles vaccine in muganga. Photo: julien harneiss. License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Who reports over 6.000 dead

According to the world health organization WHO, the current measles epidemic in the former belgian congo is now over 6.000 people died – over twice as much as the ebola epidemic, which so far 2.230 deathspeaker demanded. In addition, the measles epidemic in the congo of the WHO is now considered the one who spreads the rapidly worldwide. Since june 2019, 310.000 infection trap reported from all 26 provinces of the country.


Uk: cash for police dna analysis

"Genetic fingerprints" of all those who come into conflict with the law, should be clarified

Prime minister tony blair experienced in the context of a yesterday’s maaking packaging package to release an extra budget of 109 million pounds for those inventive DNA samples of persons accused of a crime and arrested. To the already existing 940.00 so-called "genetic fingerprints" in the database of the police, three million other DNA samples should be added by 2003 by 2003.

All should now be detected, which are arrested because of a criminal act. That ranges from shoplifting to heavy crimes like murder. In the case of a later acquittal, however, the records should be deleted. But burger right groups like liberty criticize the proposal u.A. Therefore, because the number of unlawful records has been increased. Liberty already accuses the forensic science laboratory now at least 50.To keep 000 DNA samples illegally. This is a clear violation of the right to protect the privacy.


How honest are scientists?

Probably scientists manipulate the data in their publications, when they were meaning, such a new study

Spectacular trap of the fraud or federation in the sciences as that of the sudkoreaner hwang woo-suk, the preliminary, human embryonic stem cells (korean cloning hero deconstructed online), and celebrated by the magazine science, or the physicist jan hendrik already come again and again (sluts, manipulate, false). Unknown and therefore very controversial, however, is the dark figure, how often frauds are actually in the scientists.

Daniele fanelli from the university of edinburgh has performed a first meta analysis of surveys among scientists in his study, which appeared in the open access magazine PLL ONE. Beauties or falsifications are therefore not so rare, particularly consistent is, little surprising, medical and pharmaceutical research. The known trap is probably only the tip of the iceberg.


Orange fur new york, washington and newark

Even with the new terror warnings of the bush government, it is hard to distinguish whether it is a real threat or once again a strategy of fear policy

Yesterday, the home guardian minister tom ridge once again pronounced a terror warning. In contrast to earlier warnings, the notes are extremely concrete. As the terror warning concerns some buildings of financial institutions in new york, the warning level was not nationwide, but only in new york increased (yellow) too high (orange). However, as in the past, however, the impression will not start that the terror’s warning warnings sent by the US government (osama is back!) at least also pursue a political purpose.

Homemeral minister of ridge gives the warning from terror impact on financial institutions


“The spanish government has to go to the negotiating table”

Barcelona, supreme court of catalonia. Photo: ralf stretch

His erratic strategy has guessed government sanchez in an even more difficult situation. Interview with the president of the catalan parliament, roger torrent

The spanish social democrat pedro sanchez has a problem. In the erroneous and completely unfounded hope that, after renewed new elections, government formation becomes easier and he did not depend on catalonia voices, he had enveloped the country in the fourth elections in just four years. From this nothing became, sanchez drove against the wall.


The network as advertising

Internet communication and economic interests. Overview – part 1

In the age of globalization, the power of economic organizations seems to be as rough as ever before. In the MAB, in which the policy on the accumulating of economic "practical purges" is limited, the co-designing possibilities of the individual burgers in the framework of their democratic procedure. From the "web 2.0 "fuguilized utopias of a basic democratic" power to the people "through communicative exchange on the internet are just right here. Stupid only that just in the network commerce and economic power are almost unturned. Netzburger, who want to counter the marketing apparatus of companies and agencies, have their own points of view with some difficulties to fight.

"Communication" has been a term under the world of advertising and PR: embassies are targeted and more or less sent by specialists to the man or the woman. The communicative possibilities that the internet offers, on the other hand, are reminiscent of times when communication was still a key term in the project left clearance.


Problems with neo-nazi domain

According to criticism, the domain heil-hitler.DE although deleted by denic, but quickly released again and again

There is always a lot of sharp proceedings against right violence and civil courage. Celebrities are always good anyway in a company driven by the attention concomity and should now be part of a covenant "face", the one "overall german burger initiative" should be mobile against the right-wing radical hordes. Sometimes is too "only" inattention in the game. However, they can then have system again, as is the case of the domain heil-hitler.DE shows.

Attentionocomic may be expected that the right-wing extremists are currently in scene, after the media and politicians have discovered the topic and powerful goals. Unfortunately, this makes it all attractive just attractive, which should actually be evaporated as a problem. Silence and looking away is not a means of course. A dilemma.


Islam serves as a projection surface and catalyst of clearishing

How to escape the conflict between antiracistic "funded anxiety" and racist "funded anxiety"?

Safe, somewhat distance to the action – and once again the temporal – is better than a premature, mostly distorting live sticker. That already offers the journalistic due diligence. However, those relativizing reactions that are currently inserting, however, double the gray of this silvestern night.

Numerous feminists, for example, rightly rightly go to the barricades and flexibly that those acts, who now excite the masses, have been criticized by them for ages and under the oktoberfest or carnival such actions to everyday life – a certainly undeniable fact whose appearance however, something suspicious at the present time is. The fear that racists could instrumentalize the reports on the origin of the supposed tatter for their hazeness is somehow lack of. However, to meet these concerns with relativations, however, a surrender of just those right populists as well as the violent mob equally.