Maria does not like to be roman, but only to be catholic

Maria does not like to be Roman, but only to be Catholic

"We get her from the pedestal! In our middle!" – galth in the santa maria gloriosa dei frari / venice: giovanni bellini (1437 – 1516) photo: didier descouens / CC-BY-SA-4.0

Two lands of reform movement "maria 2.0" gave their exit from the romisch-catholic church. The reason: a real change is not in sight

It started at the beginning of 2019 with a reading circle of the parish "holy cross" in munster. From the studies of the "evangelii gaudium", the first apostolic letter from pope francis, became a discussion – especially of women – about the current situation in the catholic church. More and more it came to light, "that for years the same questions have been discussed for years and that despite the recourse reform readiness, the abolition of existing man-together power structures is not in sight."


Sweden – “soft” basic for the pandemic special way

Sweden -'weiche' grunde fur den pandemie-sonderweg

Why were mabschlen without prohibitions in sweden and why there is the appropriate jerk of this in the population? – an explanatory attempt

Sweden goes a special way in the pandemic and the result is still open. Neither had the opponents like the commutations of the "non-lockdown" really quite so far. There are not any "italian matters" entered, with superfilled intensive care units with dying people who get morphium instead of a ventilator. On the other hand, sweden stands with 570 dead per million inhabitants much worse than norway, where 49 dead come to one million.

But why is selected in sweden this path and why there is the corresponding jerking for this in the population? Which "soften" factors in the psychogram of the country are crucial?


Magnitski case: the remembrance of the bill browder

Magnitski Case: The remembrance of the Bill Browder

The representations of the investment banker via his employee sergei magnitski and his death in 2009 were disseminated unfavorably uninterries

Whistleblower are the heroes of the information age. Your leaks reveal the durability of our usual sources while at the same time information surplus. The yearning is roughly after a journalism that reveals information, incubates incorrect representations, narrative question; hook.

Bill browder’s representations about his employee sergei magnitsky and his death in 2009 were disseminated unfavorably uninterries. In the episode browder was able to do the so-called "magnitsky act" initiate a law that should be sanctioned by those who have been responsible for magnitski’s arrest or have to draw financial benefits from it. According to browder, his lawyer sergei magnitsky has revealed a 230 million heavy tax fraud and has been killed in a russian prison because he did not move from his allegations.


Apple car: team should rewind cooperation with korean manufacturers

Apple Car: Team should rewind cooperation with Korean manufacturers

Apple obviously tries again to be a production partner for "apple car" to find in sudkorea. This time it seems to be a supplier, especially the group visited by a specifically deputy team, it is called in several media reports from asia.

The taiwan appears digitimes reports that the emissons from cupertino have met with LG and the SK group among other things. LG produces, among other things, batteries for E cars, but also components such as chips and displays. The SK group is in turn a far-branched group, which is also tiger as a car supplier.

Suppliers for batteries and car parts

Sense of the exercise is obviously to build a supply chain for apple’s first E-car, which (part) should be autonomous on the road. The group is actively involved in looking for suppliers and important business partners for the project. In a further message in the korea times homes again, apple is specific in search of partners from the electric car scene. Without sudkorean companies, the business plan should not be implemented. The talks seem to commute between a breakfast and an advanced stage, won it on. Among other things, it should go to the production of lithium iron phosphate batteries.


More bubbanks due to dsgvo violation in 2020

More bubbanks due to DSGVO violation in 2020

The handelsblatt has queried clarifications against the data protection regulation. It came out that nearly 60 percent more bubbanks were worn last year than the year before. However, in both years the information of a federal state – mecklenburg-vorpommern makes no statements. Affected by penalties and lower bubbles are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises as well as solosite.

The penalties amounted to 48 million euros nationwide. In this case, however, the bumped bugs makes the book money against the fashion trade HM, which had to pay 35 million euros alone. The record pitcher diverted the hamburg data protection officer. Hm had registered employees in a service center in nurberg and collected private data – from holiday experiences to disease symptoms.

This is followed by a budget of 10.4 million euros, which is the lower sachsian data protection officer against notebook-bearing.DE. Unlike HM, who did not want to go in vocation, to finish the case quickly quickly, the electronic item provider defends himself against the pre-warnings, inadmissible employees. The AOK in baden-wurttemberg had to pay 1.2 million euros for advertising purposes without consent.


Company criticism and mental health

Company criticism and mental health

Image: pixabay.COM / CC0

The scientific and political dimension of the question of whether more and more people are psychologically

On the question of whether mental disorders increase, remain the same or even slimming, the ghosts divorce. The one arguing socially critical that today’s time with their changes in the working world, the media and their crises make people sick. The others consider the for culture pessimism, which has always given it, and draw a positive picture of the present.


Finland: satellite from plywood should start this year

Finland: Satellite from plywood should start this year

A finnish wooden group wants to send a satellite to all this year and to accommodate the first wooden satellites from japan, which were confessed just a few months ago. Of the "WISA WOODSAAT" should have the mabe of a cubesat and will probably be used primarily as PR, even if the participants are you "data on behavior and durability of plywood in the harsh environment" collect. This should happen, among other things, using a camera attached to a foldable holder and to photograph the satellite. Behind the plan is upm plywood, europe’s big plywood manufacturer.

Satellite with selfie stick

Our "holznener satellite with a selfie stick will certainly be saved well and some laugh", but basically it is a serious scientific and technical challenge, ares project manager jari makinen. He works for the startup arctic astronautics, which is also involved in development as well as the company’s loud. In the woodsat mission should not only be analyzed the plywood, different sensors should make quantities and the satellite will also send to frequencies that can receive amateur radio. The woodsat should also promote the farewell of fossil raw materials. Even before the end of the year, he should be shot on a polar orbit on a rocket of the new zealandic space company rocket lab on a polar orbit and circle in 500 to 550 kilometers around the earth.

Environment from finland now follows a few months on a similar from japan. There, scientists of the university kyoto want to develop a satellite of wood to start with the local wood company sumitomo forestry, which should start 2023. First of all, they are about paths against harmful cheeks that emerge when creating their satellites in the atmosphere. Both satellites were not the first wooden objects in space, because NASA had already saluted several moon landing capsules in balsaholz.


E-mobilitat on the caravan salon 2018

E-mobilitat on the caravan salon 2018

80 kwh battery capacity, two electric motors with 40 kw each power and 470 nm torque. What appeals like the data sheet of a respectable electric car is that of a caravan: dethleffs has the E at the caravan salon in dusseldorf.Home coco introduced. A study that really makes sense in the event of a closer look. Furs drive, camps and even at home.

Actually, the world of caravan is conservative. Some established manufacturers determine the market whose innovations are reflected on changing materials in the interior and more and more comfort features. The energy for heating and hob comes from gas cylinders. With electricity only the refrigerator is supplied and, if available, the air conditioning. And that, although almost every european campsite on the well-known 16-ampere connections have. For motorhomes that stand somewhere every day, network-independent off-grid solutions can be interesting – in caravans, which are the same place for a week or a whole season, that is not necessary.

Reduction of the strike load

The concept of dethleffs E is from this basic idea.Home coco out. The benefit of the electric drive and the memory is varied and starts at the exit: cars with low strike load can with this support pull a heavy caravan. The powered axis of E.Home coco can minimize the necessary attachment load. For example, on only 100 kilograms, dethleffs says. Such a strong reduction does not have to be in reality. But maybe with a simple volkswagen golf variant caravan can be safely pulled, weighing two tons. In addition, a conceivable battery electrical towing vehicle increases the range.


Expert opinion: car toll violates eu law

The plans of german transport minister alexander dobrindt (CSU) for a passenger car toll violate EU law, according to the bundestag’s scientific service. Dobrindt’s concept would lead to "indirect discrimination against union citizens" in several cases, according to the 23-page legal study, which was made available to the news agency dpa . First the bild am sonntag and spiegel reported about it. The ministry of transport accused the author of the report of making mistakes – the draft law would clearly be in conformity with european law.

Dobrindt wants to introduce a compulsory vignette on all german roads. The bottom line is that the additional revenue will only come from foreign drivers. Domestic car owners are to be fully relieved of the burden of the toll via the motor vehicle tax. Although the tax relief should formally be decided separately, "both measures must be considered together," according to the bundestag report commissioned by SPD member of parliament johannes fechner.

The author sees in the coupling a discrimination of other EU citizens. Also the planned structure of the vignettenpreise was according to the investigation against european union right verstoben. The prices for annual vignettes for domestic cars were to be graded according to environmental friendliness, engine capacity and year of registration, but not for foreign cars. This would mean that a foreign driver of a gasoline vehicle would have to pay a uniform 103.04 euros, while the owner of, for example, a VW polo registered in germany would pay 1.2 TSI but only 24 euros – by which the motor vehicle tax would then also fall.


Driving report: honda nc750s with dkg

Driving report: honda nc750s with dkg

She is no longer baptized, the honda NC750 S DCT, but after several updates still on the high of the time. Highest practical is still the "tank trappe" with coarse storage compartment. For a two-day excursion with accommodation, the loose, for stowage of deep cool pizza, less, although the underlying engine only heats mildly. For the last coarse review, the NC under others got a more compact end sound steamer, LED lighting and additional sports programs for the dual-clutch transmission.

At first get to know each other, I thought the NC is already a quite ship with its 227 kg (with manual circuit 217 kg). Practically, she fits more easily: through the tank deep under the bench and the twin with almost lying cylinders, the focus is low. Shunting and pushing do not make too coarse. Incidentally, two stable handles help next to the bench, which are as practical as the whole NC. Drug – fits, also because of the relatively low seat of 790 mm.

Works easy

Maybe the cleverly distributed weight also contributes to a stable driving impression, but it is more likely to be rather at the not surprised in the direction of handiness geometry and the successful spring steamer vote. If the fork, at best, speaks minimally uneasily when high-frequency stress, but otherwise processes transverse joints and poorly patched straws. Even more impressed me the back suspension strut, whose malposition offers a lot of comfort, but hardly added long-to-length swing. Nothing about this chassis is particularly complicated, but it works reliable and untouched.