A map of the personal experiences

Memoloop, a mesh from memories

Since the web 2.0 projects boom, do not give it things that are not somehow networked. The users of such projects share the network world, for example, what they are doing, where they are right now or how they are health. And now our previously very private memories are to be recorded and made public. That’s the goal of memoloop.DE, a new social network in which the users have been "memos (texts, pictures, drawings or videos) of memories of their own past since mid-august.

The initiator and former publishing manager florian wagner writes:

Memoloop helps the randently on the fame. We left permanent traces, are together with others in places that we collectively revive at short notice and then everyone is his way, unless you get to know each other. On memoloop you can recall this unclopped thread and use the potential that is in the past. Memolooper writing history and it creates a map, peppered with personal experiences.

A map of the personal experiences

Something like this is curious. And so we passed it quickly. So after registering for free at memeloop, you quickly get to a google maps-based map. On her are small membranes that view places with which memelooper call any reminder. If you click on one of these membranes, then you read, for example, under the title "ST. Petersburg without me ":

I sit on a sailing ship and hold a greenpeace book in his hand. About the baltic sea. With a photo of st. Petersburg. I want to go there. I want to sail, in the harbor I introduce myself to the city. Somehow so. Anyway: conquer the city from the water, it should not be different. The birth of a rough desire, the day was coming, I was certainly.

You can now comment this. And if it’s like a similar, then the best way to do a santa-petersburg-da-me-hin group. Or who does not like vodka, then buy themselves at the people of fukfuk.DE A FUKFUK T-SHIRT – despite the pretty buzzing name.

In addition to such harmless nuclearness, which the network has so far still dominate, there are also serious topics. For example, memories of the day of chernobyl disaster:

Now it happened. The coast to be accepted. And I’ve ” written ‘. Was working in the disco and then dancing and drinking to the morning blue hour.. During some (me to date still unknown) place, far in the east, the super-gau passed all the awesome. And his consequences in the affected region (and not only there), certainly then pain when I write this one here. (…) the roommate stumbles to wake me and say what happened. As.. What..? Nonsense, you spun! Television. Radio also. Simultaneously. "Cloud – gift-rain – spat tomorrow – maybe tonight – wet shoes do not wear into the house – let children in the house – in the rain quickly subheading – stay better in the house – window – radiation values – core melt…

A contribution that arouses with ages actually memories, but none spare. Whether memoloop will prevail, however, remains to be seen. Middle of past week florian wagner paid around 590 registered members. Ascending trend. "Which we are not satisfied yet," he writes in an e-mail, "is the share of users writing the extensive memos – while the willingness to create comments on memos, here is the activity a bit high."

One thing is definitely remarkable: memoloop is not, as so many others, a german copy, a clone of an american network.

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