Afd: “e-fuels should be demanded”

The afd wants to introduce legislative initiatives in the bundestag for a requirement of e-fuels. This involves the use of synthetic fuels in combustion engines, which could reduce CO2 emissions. The afd proposes, among other things, that in the future vehicles with combustion engines that run on synthetic fuels should be treated the same as battery-electric cars for income tax purposes. E-fuels had numerous advantages, said the transport policy spokesman for the afd parliamentary group, dirk spaniel, on wednesday (5. December 2018) in berlin.

The existing filling station infrastructure could continue to be used, value creation in automotive manufacturing would remain in germany and dependence on oil could be reduced. E-fuels are synthetic fuels that are ideally produced with electricity from renewable sources. Hydrogen is initially produced from water and electricity by electrolysis. Methane can then be produced in combination with CO2, which then serves as a fuel in the same way as natural gas.

Spaniel also criticized a "crusade against the internal combustion engine" in view of diesel driving bans. The EU’s planned higher CO2 limits also threatened german manufacturers with billions of euros in fines. The afd politician criticized a one-sided demand of electric cars. E-cars, however, are too expensive and unaffordable for low-income earners. "An ideologically driven transport and environmental policy counteracts a sensible economic policy."

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