Also marx and engels have house and picture ban in ukraine

The ukrainian government is barely ahead of corruption stagnation, but for political cleaning

The ukrainian government had begun neatly as in a communist regime with a list of artists who are unnecessary in ukraine because they are "in favor of the violation of the ukrainian territorial integration and sovereignty" (artists threaten national security of ukraine).

In september followed another list of persons and companies, which was also created by the SBU SBU SBU and had reviewed by the national security and defense council (NSDC). You will be charged u.A. The "real or potential threats of national interests, national security, the sovereignty and territorial integration, the requirement of terrorist activities". However, there were also some journalists from the west, u.A. From the BBC, recorded. The stroke of the line after protests rather reluctantly from the list (so kiev must understand press freedom).

Also Marx and Engels have house and picture ban in Ukraine

Politically, one had ever hoped the country with four laws in april by traditions of soviet past, which came into force in may. One would like to bode the communist party, but as far as it has not been done (a survival attempt: the silent ukrainian opposition). But before the communist ideology and the communist symbols, together with those of national socialism (ukraine: prohibition of the propaganda soviet symbols). Even flags of other communist states such as the GDR are now banned as well as all representations of hammer and sickle and communist songs, monuments from time have to be demolished, unless they also have something to do with the ukrainian resistance.

A law also provides for the honors of the independence and resistance cafer, including the ukrainian natainary army (UPA) of the legal nationalist "organization of ukrainian nationalists" (oun), which cooperates temporarily with the nazis and vompeted against the russians, but also against poland. Their boss was stepan bandera, the celebrated hero of the legal nationalists.

It was decided to open the archives from the time of the soviet rule. And there is now a law that regulates the memory of the victory over the nazism. The ukrainian victory is decoupled by the soviet, during one "falsification" the history of the second world war in research, politics, media, tokybooks etc. Prevent. In addition, a "institute for the national stand" set up the country’s history should propagate and control. The memory of persons who had to do with the soviet union or the communist party must now be able to burst all the corresponding names of straws, parks etc. Be triggered.

Also Marx and Engels have house and picture ban in Ukraine

The institute has now published a list of some likes of compiled 520 historical persons, whose names are now for the purpose of entering the country before the 21. November must be removed in all the city and municipalities. You are already drawn to the fact that the list is not yet complete, the institute staff will continue to work on new names to add. Not only russian or ukrainian persons such as lenin, molotov, stalin, brezhnew and many more or less significant politicians or party approaches, but also some realizers and general secretary communist parties in europe.

The french writer and politician henri barbusse must also disappear, as well as friedrich engels. He was, according to the comment, co-aging of marxist ideology, has written the communist manifest with marx, his face was used to support the communist total rule regimes. And logically, karl marx falls below the verdict. They were not actually falling directly under the law, but their honor and memory of them are directly linked to the establishment of the soviet power and the activity of the communist party. Ernst thalmann and rosa luxembourg are also being verpont from now on.

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