American-arab dejà-vu?

It speaks a lot, however, that the syrian regime has used chemical weapons

For the US government in the syria conflict now seems to "red lines" to have been crossed. The syrian army has used multiple chemical weapons such as sarin against rebels, explained by the american deputy security advisor ben rhodes against media representatives on friday past week (US government: assad regime has used chemical weapons). In response to these results "intensive investigations" the US intelligence services will overhose washington to provide rebels directly with weapons. The speech is of small weapons, ammunition and anti-tank missiles, which at the CIA "made rebels" to be delivered. In addition, in washington, the construction of a flight banzone zone is discussed at least in parts of syria.

"The prasident has said that the use of chemical weapons was changed by calfs, and that happened", rhodes explained, referring to the famous explanation obamas of july 2012, according to which a chemical weapon service one "red line" represented, from which the US was overwhelmed at an intervention in the burger war who has been working since 2011.

According to rhodes, the US intelligence services with "high probability" found that the regimental troops "chemical weapons, including the nerve gas sarin, in the low scope (small scale) against the opposition" have used. And that’s exactly where the inconsistencies in this western representation – which also joined the great britain and france – the said forelament.

Military nonsensical

The use of chemical mass destruction weapons in one "small exhaust" makes militarically no sense. This meant at least the renowned chemical monkey expert ralf trapp in a conversation with the US magazine foreign policy: "from a military perspective, it makes no sense to use chemical weapons only stuck," said trapp. "Why should the regime only use it on a grenade here and on a rocket launcher there? It’s just not the procedure you expected from a militar power power." the tactical purpose of chemical weapons is loud trapp in it, the opponent "mass loss" inflict. Chemical warfare materials are thus rule-right genocide weapons, which can only be used within the instrumental rationality of military conflicts, when it comes to the differently-free destruction of crowds. That’s why your mission is also considered internationally. Gift gas attacks that follow their perverted logic were protected from the iraqi militar in 1988 against the kurdish city of halabdscha in northern iraq. In these mass alerts, multi-hours attacks – where aircraft in multiple attack waves were composed of chemical warfare fabrics – between 3.200 to 5000 people, almost exclusively civilians.

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