Intel end at apple allegedly due to skylake bugs

Intel end at Apple allegedly due to skylake bugs

Apple’s transition to the mac towards self-developed ARM processors has been colensioned in the broken cheese for years. But what ultimately gave the rash, really to go this is quite radical step, the group still retained for itself.

A fruher intel staff now speculates that the chipriese himself was not entirely in innocent. Click to the magazine PC gamer said francois piednoel, former processoring engineer at intel, especially problems with the skylake architecture had annoyed apple and ultimately driven to really go the arm step.

Apple finds so many mistakes like intel

The insider claims to be the quality arance at skylake "more than a problem" been and the bugs "abnorm". Nobody has reported so many problems with the architecture "like our buddy at apple". And if "A customer almost so many bugs with you finds like you, then that does not lead to the right place", so piednoel, who could observe the situation three years ago before he had left intel himself.

Background: each modern silicon chip has hundreds of thousands of mistakes whose remedy on hardware level is not economical. Manufacturers bypass such bugs therefore with microcode, which is loaded during boats over the BIOS. Apple optimizes its macos operating system to the processors used, so that the company is more likely to trouble problems than, for example, microsoft.

The ex-intel insider believes that so "turning point" developed at which the people at apple, who had already thought about the switch to poor, said: "well, we probably have to do it." piednoel says the bad quality arance at skylake was the drop, which brought the barrel to apple for overflow. "[skylake] is responsible for this that they actually left the platform."

The barrel brought to overflow

That macos for arm in the laboratory has long since longed, observers faith – actually based ios, which always ran under arm, also on macos. Besides intel bugs as those in the skylake architecture, apple was also motivated that the company liked to control hardware and software more tightly.

So far, the group has always had to wait for intel with new chips around the corner – even if apple was often preferred and supplied in advance. With own A-socs apple now has the complete control of the actual processor cores to the GPU.

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