Ipados restriction: apps can not fully use the memory of the ipad pro

IPados restriction: Apps can not fully use the memory of the iPad Pro

Programs can be used on the ipad pro 2021 obviously to a maximum of 5.1 GB of memory – even on the more expensive models with 16 GB of RAM. The professional mal-app procreate has received a compatibility update for the new ipad pro with M1-chip at night on friday. After specifying the developers, the app now runs up to 4 times faster on the new ipads and also supports more levels. Users: inside, however, had been exhausted that on the ipads with 16 GB of memory no more levels can be used in the mal-app than in the cheaper models with 8 GB of RAM.

Currently, the same limited memory is available on both M1 ipads, it is called the developer savage – as soon as you can access more, you will implement this accordingly.

At 5 GB of RAM is supposedly over

The developer of the mal-app artstudio pro explained, it gives "a rough problem" with the M1 ipad: you have found out for stress tests that exactly 5.1 GB of memory can be assigned, then storm an app, both in the current version ipados 14.6 and the beta of ipados 14.7. Whether apple wants to cancel the limit with ipados 15, remains open for the time being.

Apple’s ram limiting for single apps has always existed in IOS, but these barely insisted because iphones and ipads had a long time comparatively little memory – at the ipad pro year 2020 was 6 GB of 6 GB.

16 GB only for more expensive models

Only with the M1 chip in the ipad pro 2021, apple has started to show the main memory itself, previously not mentioned by the manufacturer’s partout. Now, like M1-macs – 8 GB and 16 GB, but this is also clossed at the storage space: to get the coarse-way memory you have to buy one of the more expensive models with 1 tbyte or 2 tbyte storage space, this are only available from 1650 euros.

For years, there has been criticism of IPADOS’s restrictions, the software konne does not use the hardware performance of the ipad pro correctly, so the action – also missing about apple’s own professional apps on the ipad. The new ipads had "air upward", stressed apple young – this could use developers and the devices are also more durable.

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