“No pirates” – in russia’s arctic economic zone, but still unquestioned

A court in the northern russian murmansk condemned 22 activists from the greenpeace action ship arctic sunrise to two months

With an unusual action solidarized on friday kremlin-critical russian media such as ECHO moscow, the internet television channel dosch and the internet portal gazeta.Ru with the russian photographer denis sinjakov. The press photographer hired by greenpeace had the action before the OL drilling platform priraslomnaya in the petschor lake on 18. September photographed.

On thursday, the photographer was convicted to be examined together with 21 greenpeace activists for two months. The detention was fundamentally funged that escape hazard exist. The critical russian media destroyed solid or partly on the publication of photos from solidarity with the photographer and brought blackheads instead of pictures.

Putin plays on events in kenya

The russian investigation committee previously determined against the activists for piracy, which could result in prison sentences of 15 years. Vladimir putin had the hard action of the safety force on the OL drilling platform, which had also filed warning thriss (russia reacts nervous and aggressive on greenpeace action, justified with hints on the hostage in kenya. You did not know who approaches there in dinghies. However, the kremlin boss explained that the action in the petschor lake did not deal with piracy.

According to this explanation of the kremlin chief, the russian investigation committee indicated that the investigations are expanded to other offense. Thus, the activists were accused of russian media reports that they have brought the staff of the olplatform and have violated russian territory rights.

Western diplomats are considered with public criticism

Purely legal entity is the assessment of the greenpeace action difficult. The action took place in the russian economic zone. According to russian experts, in this zone, the interests of the adjacent state – in this case russia – must be considered. However, in 2012 with a similar action of greenpeace in the petschora lake activists, which had a transparent to the OL drilling platform priraslomnaya had been released without punishment.

At the greenpeace action on the 18th. September 2013 activists were involved in 18 countries. As the newspaper writes commers, the embassies of the countries from which the activists date have not yet been protested against the arrest. According to the leaf, this with the "unclear legal situation" together. But a reason for accessing will also be that not only gasprom but also shell, exxon-mobil and other western corporations in russia north custo to OL and gas want to drill.

Hard words so far only came from the dutch foreign minister, frans timmermans. This threatened according to the internet portal gazeta.Ru russia to sue in front of the international seeger court. The home port of the confiscated greenpeace ship arctic sunrise is amsterdam.

Currently the ship is located in the northern russian harbor of murmansk. It was not excluded that russia no longer emits the 49-meter long ship, writes iswestija. With his hard response, russia apparently wants to show that it does not want to dismantle from raw material requirement in the part of the arctic claimed by russia.

With the FREE OUR activists campaign, greenpeace demands the immediate freezing of activists, the jerk of the ship and the end of offshore olboards in the arctic.

Insufficient security standards

The OL drilling platform PRIRASLOMNAJA, the on 18. September target the protestary of greenpeace was, belonging to a subsidiary of gasprom. The plant, which has not yet recorded its operation, should demand a total of 6.6 million tonnes of ol from a seabed olfeld. The greenpeace activists had rated with inflow boats of the OL drilling platform and tries to attach a transparent to OL holes in the arctic on the anle wall of the platform. Greenpeace believes that the sensitive OKO system of the arctic is dangered by the russian OL holes. The equipment of the OL drilling platform for catastrophic trap stores in the 1.000 kilometers away murmansk. The transport to the platform last three days. In addition, the safety regulations for russian offshore plants are insufficient

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