Presentation: kawasaki z 900 rs

Presentation: kawasaki z 900 rs

What was announced in the 1970s? Strippers, disco and the kawasaki Z 900. When the 900s was presented in 1972 – first under the name 900 Z1 -, even hard-minded bikers got soft knees: the four-cylinder series motor made 79 hp and should run 230 km / h. That was so unimaginable at that time, as if you had screwed an apollo rocket on two raders. This motorcycle laid the foundation for the call of kawasaki, to build real mannequelmotorrader.

Retro bike on a modern basis

Now the japanese brand wants to face the legendar Z 900 and enters the tokyo motor show a stylish retro model. Since kawasaki already has a rather futuristic bike called Z 900 in the program, the name Z 900 RS was elected for the youngest sprout. In fact, she carries the potent 948 cm3 four-cylinder engine from the successful Z 900, which, however, was circumcised by 14 hp to 111 hp at 8500 / min, in favor of a gefigeren power of force in the lower and medium speed range. The maximum torque remained identical to 98 nm, but is already at 6500 / min. The well-known engine of the Z 900, known year, is a ball and leisure. The design for the Z 900 RS now promises even more aversion migration and reducing the circuits to a minimum.

Modified grid pipe frame

The RS kept the elegant mesh frame of the Z 900, which was easily modified to the top tubes, alone already fit the drop-shaped tank on it. Kawasaki laid rough emphasis on the possible faithful form of the sprayer, only then seated, seating of the seat and rear trim was measured and tailored to the proportions of the retromodell. According to the manufacturer, the chassis geometry is tailored to a light, playful handling. In fact, the caster with 98 mm is sealed by seven mm short, but the wheelbase grew by 20 mm on the 1470. Since the Z 900 is indeed very handy, the Z 900 RS was allowed to have similar talents. The seating position on the retro bike is also upright because of the wide and relatively high handlebar, which promises a relaxed upper corporate attitude.

No four-in-four plant

What is a surprisingly renounced, the four-in-four exhaust system of the original of the 1970s, instead, leave it with a four-in-one crummer, which saves weight, but not really stylish. For this, the crummer are double-walled designed to prevent unwanted distortions in the long run. How important but is the sound experience, can be guiled that kawasaki outsource on it: "the sound design focuses on the first-time hill of the engine when starting and the depth of idling and at low speeds."The new Z 900 RS will not face the new Z 900 RS because of the euro4 norm, and that’s good. But also the current Z 900 can provide the driver with their acoustics for goosehaut, so that the fans of the nostalgia bikes Z 900 RS do not have to worry.

The water boiler is natural a little the retro look, but is absolutely necessary, even on coarse chairs as the historical role model must give up the engine. Especially a lot of fairy have given the developers with the rear of the RS. The burzel struggles the original very much, but the coarse, round LED jerk was not simply screwed on, but integrated into the mold. Instead of a chromed fender, there is a little attractive plastic cover on the new model on which the turn signals and license plate holder are mounted.

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