Presentation: mercedes c-class facelift 2018

Presentation: mercedes c-class facelift 2018

When the old C-class 2011 was handled, mercedes reached deep into the bag. A heavily changed front and above all a generally renovated interior made the difference between old and recoverable. Mercedes had to react, because the criticism of the rather simply lined interior did not want to silence. At the current generation, things are a bit different. Accordingly, the revision falls after four years.

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Spotter were said that mercedes could have tested the refreshed model easily without camouflage in public transport. Only those who look closely and woman, what to pay attention to, will recognize the minimally changed schurzen, jerk lights and the new kuhlergrill. That may dive one or the other maybe something, but the C-class was in my view after four years in the trade also not strongly renovation. Mercedes remains mass-mabig in halogen headlights, for surcharge, there are LED headlamps with and without matrix function. The expensive system now also offers crossing, roundabout, city and bad weather light.

In the interior, the innovations are a bit clearer, but only if the customer has paid powerful. The expensive navigation system now has a screen with a resolution of 1920 x 720 pixels with a diagonal of 10.25 inches. The standard radio system and the small, slightly less superior navi get a seven-inch display, the larger execution is available for the two for a surcharge. When it remains, however, everything remains like: the system can be operated via an extended voice control, controller in the middle with touchpad – now with ruckmeldung and steering wheel keys. The steering wheel buttons with a touch panel are already known from coarse models like the E-class. There they did not convince us completely. A touchscreen, as explained in the next A-class, does not come to this C-class.

Without further additional payment, it also remains in the instrument cluster at the previous arrangement consisting of two round instruments in tubes and a display in the middle. Only those who spend additional money can now get a screen here, on which speedometer and tachometer can be seen.


Further, mercedes has driven the networking of camera, assistance and navigation. Already so far it was so that at a time-based tempolimite only at a specific time, it was only displayed if it is about this time. Mercedes now has its own information improved the camera. In addition, the distance pomat can now access map data and reduce the speed, for example, before curves and intersections. New is among other things an active road change assistant and a wireless charging function for mobile phones.

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