Save electricity on iphone, macbook and at home in the podcast of mac i

Save electricity on iPhone, MacBook and at home in the podcast of Mac  amp; I

How to extend the battery life of iphone and macbook? And how do you cut the power consumption of electrical advantages in the home office? These questions answer the mac I editors wolfgang reszel and sebastian trepesch in conversation with the colleague johannes schuster.

The editors gives tips and suggestions to a whole range of questions, for example: what role does the display brightness play? What do you have to pay attention to OLED screens? How to use the power saving mode to save energy? What brings the shutdown of turbo boost and dedicated graphics chip? And how do you get power residues in the household on the track?

More about the topics can be found in the current notebook of mac I in three articles. Long work with the macbook, so keep iphone and ipad long through and power consumption: save money in home office.

The whole episode as audio stream (RSS feed) for fuel and download:

You can subscribe to the apple podcast of mac I with the RSS feed (audio or video) with the podcast app of your choice. You will find him to see or connect also in apple’s podcast directory (audio or video), youtube and spotify.

Overview of the previous podcast episodes of the mac I can be found here.

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