Alfa mito: now also with dual clutch transmission

Alfa mito: now also with dual clutch transmission

Frankfurt / main, 12. August 2010 – an alternative to the normal manual gearbox has so far been lacking in the alfa mito range. Now the italians are submitting the 6-speed dual clutch transmission TCT, in which the driver has the choice between manual shifting and shifting. The abbreviation TCT stands for "twin clutch technology" and indicates the two dry clutches of the transmission.

With just one engine

In terms of design, the TCT consists of two parallel partial transmissions, each equipped with its own dry-running clutch. This structure makes it possible to change gears while the current gear is still positively engaged. The technology is networked with other vehicle systems, including the steering, the standard start-stop system and the inclinometer of the hill start aid. "Fiat powertrain technologies" owns a total of 23 patents on the new transmission. The TCT is currently only combined with the 135 hp mito 1.4 TB 16V multiair. The top speed should be 207 km / h, alfa romeo states the consumption is 5.5 l / 100 km, which corresponds to 126 g / km CO2.

1500 euros surcharge

Compared to the version with manual transmission, the TCT-mito should consume 0.1 liters less fuel. A later test must show a realistic practical value. With 8.2 seconds for the sprint to 100 km / h, the acceleration should also have improved by 0.2 seconds. The 6 gears can also be shifted sequentially by manual intervention, paddles on the steering wheel are available for an extra charge of 90 euros. The transmission control is with the so-called D.N.A.-networked system: in mode D (dynamic) the gears are only changed during acceleration at higher speeds; consumption should be the lowest in mode N (normal). Prices for the mito with TCT transmission start at 18.950 euros. The surcharge compared to the version with manual transmission is 1500 euros.

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