Apple: macs and ipads should not merge

Apple: Macs and iPads should not merge

Apple insists not to have no plan to summarize ipads and macs – respectively ipados and macos. Speculation about a merge of the two platforms did not meet the realitat, now emphasized two apple managers in an interview. Instead, you want to continue working on offering the prolonged product in its respective category.

That apple’s scales of artic barrier, so you "do not kick each other’s fountain", may be "very untrue", so apple’s new hardware development leader john ternus opposite the independent. Customers have opted for the appropriate category or simply use both of their own workflows each. It gives "no rough conspiracy to eliminate the two categories and to make one", apple’s marketing chief greg joswiak attributed to the newspaper.

Apple’s professional apps are missing on the ipad

The question of the most missing professional applications such as xcode and final cut pro still did not want to answer apple. The tablets were practically offered a performance that is not yet used, so joswiak in the interview. Third-party developers should benefit as well as customers, because there are still "air upward" have, be more durable and not already when buying obsolete.

Speculation about a merge of macos and IOS has been there for many years, such a project has been cleared by apple but always clearly, but the operating systems did not wool the operating systems.

Macs and ipads jerking close to each other

At the same time, ipads and macs have been so close to each other in recent months as never before: ipads now support a comprehensive operation with mouse, trackpad and hardware keyboard. In the new ipad pro now is apple’s M1-chip, which has already provided a significant performance jump in first macs for a significant performance jump. With the chip, apple has sophisticated the ipads with thunderbolt support, mac software, including important professional tools, are not available for ipados so far. Conversely, arm-macs run unanimated iphone and ipad apps, but a touchscreen is missing for optimal operation.

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