Audi and hyundai cooperate with the fuel cell

"The fuel cell is the most consistent form of electrical driving," says peter mertens, management board technical development of AUDI AG. The ingolstadter company is planning a cooperation with the hyundai motor group. Although cooperation is still subject to advocacy permits. But the goal is the mutual patent exchange and the market import of a sporting audi SUV in the premium segment "at the beginning of the coming decade". In a next stage of development then "a broader market offer" should be made available, it will continue to be called.

Within the volkswagen group, audi has been working with electric cars for 20 years, which get their driving stream from a hydrogen-operated fuel cell. There is not a series product yet.

Hyundai, on the other hand, already delivers the second generation of a fuel cell SUV in the spatsummer. The upcoming NEXO costs 69.000 euros, but there are various demands programs that lower the price. The car in the format of a volkswagen tiguan allspace was able to satisfy the demand for a family and long-range-suitable electric car.

The agreement of hyundai with audi is "another document for the strong commitment of hyundai, to make a more sustainable future with hydrogen-operated cars," says euisun chung, vice chairman of the hyundai motor company. According to the german dachgesellschaft H2 mobility, about 30 percent of the local hydrogen are currently provided by electrolysis with electricity from renewable energies. In the long term, the needs should be covered by wind and sun energy.

Fuel cells are battery electrical cars on long distances and overlay in coarse vehicles. Refueling time and reach urges the values of conventional cars or commercial vehicles. Velvet technical problems are dissolved, and the platinum requirements of the stack lies on the level of a SCR catalyst for diesel engines. However, the construction of the infrastructure is not progressing as quickly as promised.

With audi and hyundai, the second cooperation between a german and an asian manufacturer rides. BMW and toyota work active, successful and at different levels at an exchange. Series products will nevertheless come out of asia: hyundai nexo, honda clarity and toyota mirai are the most famous models.

Special attention should also apply to the processes in the world-growing car market china. There are fuel cell vehicles part of the funfians plan. For the operation, for example in commercial vehicles, they are considered unauthorized.

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