China’s mars-rover zhurong: gluckwunsche for landing and waiting for photos

China's Mars-Rover Zhurong: Gluckwunsche for landing and waiting for photos

Also more than two days after the landing of the rovers zhurong on the mars, china’s room has no pictures of the surface of the red planet. While the responsible persons and china’s media before the end of the country were traditionally concealed, there are now more and more comments that also try to explain the relatively long wait time. For example, china has about – unlike the US – with tanwen-1 only one orbiter on mars, which can send signals to the earth and that after landing was first managed to take a new orbit. In addition, zhurong is only powered by solar panels and therefore can not work throughout. At the same time, the waiting time shows how difficult the exploration of mars and how roughly the distance to NASA is still.

Gluckwunsche and wait

On the night of saturday, china succeeded in setting a land and rover on the mars at the first attempt. The 240 kilogram of heavy rover zhurong (祝融) was pursued according to chinese information shortly after midnight mesz in the suden of the huge low level utopia planitia. The people’s republic has thus made the first probe to the red planet, whereby the NASA for decades needed. Gluckwunsche then came from the US space agency, the ESA and the russian room ride agency roskosmos. But during it there have been a few hours after the young-glitched landing of the nasa-rovers perseverance photos and soon an impressive video, zhurong is still silent.

Zhurong was brought to mars on the nameless lander and should first make photos of the surroundings after landing. Until the rover moves in motion, it was time for several days, china’s spatial agency had explained in advance. According to a communication of the CNSA (china national space administration), it could take even by the end of the month until photos to be sent to earth. For example, that china’s comparatively long lasts that china is only one probe as a relay to earth with tanwen-1 and also at the restricted working hours of the ROVER. Its solar modules must generate enough electricity every morning. Although tanwen-1 has changed the orbit to circles ofter over zhurong, but is still not always in the ideal high over the rover. Finally, the low data rate is a bottleneck.

When with zhurong’s first pictures of the martian surface is expected, that’s why it is still unclear. But it was probably allowed days to take a day. If zhurong has once moved in motion, he should explore the surface for at least three months. But from a technical point of view, he could last years. Should that succeed, he became successful NASA missions, which were also designed for a few months and ultimately collect data for years.

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