Danger for cars: “everything networked is also attacked”

Danger for cars:'alles, was vernetzt ist, wird auch angegriffen''alles, was vernetzt ist, wird auch angegriffen'

The rapidly rising number of crosslinked vehicles makes serious cyber attacks on cars after expert opinion becoming more likely. This assessment of the experts from the insurance industry, IT industry, science and the security workers citis on tuesday at the all-year-old autoforum of the insurer allianz.

"Everything networked is also attacked", said hans adlkofer, manager at the chip manufacturer infineon, who supplies many automakers. The worst scenario is an attack on a whole vehicle fleet or velvet vehicles of a single model. Conceivable is therefore even the remote controlled converting of a car in an attack weapon.

Possible main goal for criminals

"This is obviously possible", told conrad meyer, expert for car safety at the cyber security agody concerned to the federal ministry of the interior. "In addition to the logistics and energy sector, the networked car was able to become an art of one of the main objectives of the IT criminal", warned allianz germany chief klaus-peter rohler in a written statement.

After a prognosis of the IT consulting company capgemini published before outbreaking the corona pandemic, the number of crosslinked vehicles in europe was almost tripled by 2023 to over 110 million. The safety standards against cyber attacks had to "be multinational and industrial", said allianz manager jochen hauug. Possible point of attack are several, including the consumer electronics, virtual car blocks in the mobile phone or the interfaces for the transmission of the vehicle data.

The biggest german car insurer is also like the security authorities also accessing car data to clarify attacks. "We have to find out what happened", said citis security expert meyer. The alliance in turn is about the declaration of damage causes as well as the preventing. The alliance therefore demands a european security information center for cars, which should be involved in manufacturers, governments, science and insurance companies.

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