Databases: immudb 1.0 combines key-value and relational database

Databases: IMMUDB 1.0 combines key-value and relational database

Codenotary, the development team behind the immutable (immutable) database immudb, has the first major version immudb 1.0 submitted. The under apache-2.0 license as the open source available database follows primar the key value paradigm (key value store), but connects this approach to the functions of a relational database. The first major release of IMMUDB therefore allows developers now the use of SQL and thanks to the new, timetravel function also queries over the time course of data. In addition, IMUDB is compatible with the postgresql wire protocol, so that overgone frameworks (in ruby, C, java JDBC, PHP etc.) access the database.

Databases: IMMUDB 1.0 combines key-value and relational database

The official mascot of immudb

Unchanging and safe

The database written in GO promises a tamper-proof data management, which is ensured by waiving the retrieval of data a unanswerable history and thus the authenticity of the data. With regard to safety, codenotary speaks that the data stored in IMMUDB always be cryptographically coherent and verifiable – comparable to blockchains. Unlike blockchains IMMUDB is less complex and also able to handle millions of transactions per second. As a compact database IMMUDB can even be integrated as needed as a library directly into an application.

At the request of IMUMUDB users, the codenotary team has their own information in the new release a web console, which can be used to manage queries and administrative tasks. Who uses immudb, can create new users in the console, manages databases and query relational data exports without having to see additional tools

Further information on the innovations in immudb 1.0 summarizes the codeotary blog. Anyone who likes to deal with the database will find details in the repository on github as well as in the documentation on the project website. Interested earnings was also allowed to interactively established immudb.Playground get a first overview.

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