Declarative ui development for android: jetpack compose now has alpha status

Declarative UI development for Android: Jetpack Compose now has alpha status

Google has now introduced the jetpack compose toolkit in an alpha version. It is intended as a declarative UI framework for the development of native android apps. The programming language kotlin and a reactive programming model are used for this purpose. It remains compatible with the incoming android views, so developers can combine both approaches.

For a first time, jetpack compose had been present last year on google’s house fair I / O. In the meantime, the toolkit had been integrated into the development environment android studio and ran to date as a developer preview. Stronged it for a long time that with a beta version for this year is expected, the drawing has now been added that the tool could be ripe enough for productive use for the next year. Not all intended are already intended to integrate apis, and it is also to be expected with a number of changes.

Other programming model

Basis for creating a user interface in jetpack compose are so-called composable functions. You are other frameworks like flutter and swiftui similar. Come are held in classes annotated with @model.

Part of the alpha version include animations, constraint layout, initial A11Y support (accessability), input and gestures, lazy lists, material design components and window management.

The blog envision offers numerous more information about the concept and how to work by jetpack compose.

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