Duh brings opel because of diesel advertising in court

Duh brings opel because of diesel advertising in court

The dispute between german environmental aid and the automaker opel will now be held in court. The district court darmstadt has for friday, 10. June, a mordial negotiation scheduled to speak about the preliminary bonds requested by the environmental assistance.

The private association wants to prohibit opel, among other things, the advertising promise that the exhaust aftertreatment makes the diesel as clean as a gasoline. Also, opel should no longer claim that the exhaust gas purification of the contested zafira model had been tested at minus 30 degrees. The company has interrupted in the meantime that the cleaning system is active at temperatures below 17 degrees only in lower scope.

The carmaker had responded to the underlines of environmental aid and obliged to repeat two out of ten criticized statements in connection with the model zafira diesel. The interim injunction deals with the incurred eight statements. On tuesday, opel did not want to comment on the premieges.

This week, the manufacturer should also provide information from the federal ministry of transport. Again, the exhaust gas purification at zafira diesel, which runs down under certain circumstances. The ministry had doubted the opel statement that this is made out of technical grounds to legal engine protection.

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