Dxo photolab 4: raw photos intelligent

Dxo Photolab 4: RAW photos intelligent

Core competence of dxo photolab is the automatic correction of imaging errors of RAW photos based on profiles. Currently supported the program 60.000 camera lens combinations, including new cameras like the canon EOS R5. DXO photolab not only optimizes lens distortion, coloring and light distribution, but also exposure, contrast and image noise. The latter has significantly improved the french producer.

Tell out with ki

The new algorithm DXO deepprime uses neuronal networks to better reduce image noise and JPEG artifacts than the previous prime algorithm. Prime, however, is still available. Deeprime should reduce image noise drastically, without drawing edges and textures softly, and save skin. In night shots, the algorithm should receive stars and adhere to the image no new ones, which comes out with methods without ki.

Dxo Photolab 4: RAW photos intelligent

Dxo deeprime reduced image noise, retouches or supplements but no stars.

Improved pallet navigation

Dxo photolab is characterized in that you can activate and deactivate individual dialogues. Meanwhile, several pallets have come together, which can be better managed in version 4 than before.

A main switch in the layer pallet shows on request only the pallets on which you actually worked. About a star symbol you can mark pallets as a favorite and filter them in the header. In addition, you can search in the header according to pallets, for example "exposure". All pallets are now sorted in the categories exposure, color, sharp, geometry and local pitch, which are available as gearboxes above the palette.

Dxo Photolab 4: RAW photos intelligent

Individual pallets can now be filtered over categories, favorites or text input.

Manage and export

In the integrated image management "fotoothe" photos can now be renamed in the stack. You can find text and replace text, add prafixe or suffixes or insert a numbering. Department holder for metadata does not support DXO photolab so far.

When copying and inserting development settings, as in lightroom classic CC, you can select individual editing functions to be copied, for example, only changes to the exposure. The processing history now groups the settings for pallet, such as changes to the gradation curve. The history shows detailed values were changed.

When exports, a watermark is now included. Position and coarse of image and text can be set in detail and integrate them into the photo with seven overblowing modes such as "soft light".

Dxo Photolab 4: RAW photos intelligent

Dxo photolab 4 binds watermark and copies them on seven different modes into the picture.

Editions and prices

Dxo photolab is available in an elite and an essentials edition for both windows and macos for macos. Only the more expensive elite edition contains the algorithm deepprime and the exposure optimization over dxo clearview. It costs 149.99 euros at the moment of imports, from the 19. November 199 euro. An upgrade is for 69.99 euros, later to have 89 euros. The essential edition costs 129 euros.

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