Emissions fraud: investigations now also at porsche

In the wake of the emissions fraud affair, volkswagen subsidiary porsche is now also more strongly in the sights of the stuttgart public prosecutor’s office. Authorities launched investigations into possible manipulation of exhaust aftertreatment in porsche diesel vehicles, a spokesman said today. They were directed against unknown employees of the carmaker and an american subsidiary. Allegations of fraud and criminal advertising are being investigated. The public prosecutor’s office did not provide any further details for the time being. It had begun preliminary investigations in april 2016.

Porsche has so far played a minor role in volkswagen’s emissions cheating scandal. The carmaker sources its diesel engines from volkswagen subsidiary audi. The audi engine is installed in the porsche cayenne. Following the discovery of new conspicuous diesel emissions values at audi, the federal motor transport authority was therefore instructed in june to carry out investigations on the porsche cayenne model. In germany, the smaller porsche macan SUV also is part of a "voluntary" recall of 630.000 vehicles of various makes for which there are official doubts about the exhaust technology – but no accusations of an illegal setup.

Last week, an audi manager was arrested at the request of the munich II public prosecutor’s office. Until his leave of absence in 2015, he was one of audi’s leading engine developers and is apparently deeply involved in the emissions affair. He is accused of fraud and unfair advertising. He is also one of eight volkswagen employees against whom the U.S. Judiciary has filed criminal charges. He is in custody and intends to cooperate with the authorities.

In germany, the braunschweig public prosecutor’s office is also investigating almost 40 defendants on suspicion of fraud. In addition, there are numerous lawsuits filed by shareholders and car owners against volkswagen in europe.

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