Erdogan in anti-eu noise, wilders loses in survey

Erdogan in anti-EU noise, Wilders loses in survey

Prasident erdogan consumes the netherlands. Image: screenshot from the youtube video

He throws one of the netherlands "decay" before, EU states that they are too "tools of racist and fascist parties" have made

The turkish members of the government foaming anger and survive in succession of their prassident recep tayyip erdogan. Apparently they have been found on EU-bashing to advance the concern of the string reform to the power of the prasident after EUROPEAN LIANDER had delivered the template with entry and occurrence bans. The conflict not only strongers the ACP in turkey, but also the right parties and national moods in the EU. The danger is a growing rejection of the turkish-brighter people or. Their jerking.

The awarding office yesterday has a travel warning for turkey, in which the emergency was proclaimed until after the referendum of the emergency, published: "at 16. April 2017 will take place in turkey a nationwide referendum over the elongation change. In the course of the election campaign, increased political tensions and protests can be expected, which can also be directed against germany. In individual cases, german travelers can also be affected in the turkey. Travelers are therefore recommended to stay away from political events and principally of coarse human transactions."

While the turkish government scolds the entry and occurrence bans and compares them with nazi methods, the ATTENTLY AMT reports: "since the beginning of february 2017, in individual cases german nationality at the two istanbul airport, the entry into turkey without specification was denied in detail. The affected persons had to compete for a waiting time in custody of several hours their backward trip to germany."

The turkish aufemister mevlut cavusoglu sees the EU disintegrating (which can actually happen, but not because of the behavior of and opposite turkey). The future of the EU is not pleasing, he said today. The values of the EU became "gradually disappear", what he is in connection with the entry of the dutch government for him. And he made it clear again that the government opposes those who refuse the elongation elongation to which they are close to the terrorists who are all against them.

Erdogan itself has the netherlands "state terrorism" accused and fueled the conflict again. He made the netherlands responsible for the srebenica massacre and threw the netherlands one "spoiled character" before. In 1995, dutch soldiers of blue helmet troops had not intervened as bosnian serbs against bosnian muslims and a bloodbath side. More than 8,000 boys and men were killed over several days. "We know", he threw the holland, "that they were backgratless and ignorant than they murdered 8,000 bosnians (the serbs)."

From this, erdogan derives the priority of the turken in full nationalistic overhookleability: "nobody should give us lessons in civilization. Her story is dark, but our is clean." some EU countries had themselves "tools of racist and fascist parties" made, he said. Angela merkel does not differ from it. Mark rutte "attacks with his horses and dogs and merkel with their horses and dogs".

Everywhere in europe show fascism "his dirty face", he was "negative for all muslims and foreigners living in europe". The turkish government, who has preceded the united nations, which has preceded massive human rights violations, totters, destruction of settlements and the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of kurds, will strengthen their fight against racism, islamphobia and xenophobia at all international platforms, especially in the organization for islamic cooperation ( OIC), the presidency the turkey just hold. Erdogan called the turks, muslims and foreigners in germany and the netherlands not to elect parties who pursue an antiburkish politics. Of course, there could be little anymore.

Meanwhile, as dutch media report, turkish hackers against dutch websites with DDOS attacks should be done to study them. The website rumag was hacked by the hacker group akincilar and written: "the fear of the "coarse turbine" shows your colonialistic, racist and fascist crusading agent and your true face." so it goes far into the story and you are accessible to vocabulary, which also uses the IS. Numerous other dutch sites have also been surprised.

By his approach to entry and appearance of turkish politicians, mark rutte could have achieved a voting advantage. After a recent survey situation, his party now with 27 seats at the front, while the PVV of geert wilders dropped off on the 5. Could land square with 16 seats. The rights were also overhauled by groenlinks and D66 with 20 seats each and the christian democrats with 19 seats.

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