Exhaust gas fraud: eu proceedings against germany

EU commission takes action against germany over volkswagen emissions fraud. The brussels authority accuses the german government, among other things, of not having punished volkswagen for manipulating the emission values of diesel cars, as it announced at noon today. The commission has therefore initiated proceedings for alleged violation of european law. The case is based on the fraud committed by the volkswagen group in order to protect the emission test values. As a result, millions of diesel cars with greatly increased emissions were put on the market.

The EU commission is of the opinion that the german supervisory authorities did not sufficiently control the company. This could constitute a violation of EU law. The commission considers the german government’s reactions to date to be patchy. In addition to germany, six other EU states are facing proceedings: it is making the same accusation against the czech republic, lithuania, greece, luxembourg, spain and the united kingdom.

In the case of germany and great britain, the EU commission still sees a further delay in legislation. Both countries had not provided the authority with all known information in their national investigation reports, according to the accusation.

The governments concerned now have two months to respond to the accusations. After that, the EU commission can initiate the next step of the procedure, which could ultimately lead to a lawsuit before the european court of justice (ECJ).

In order to protect exhaust emissions, volkswagen had used a so-called defeat device, which caused cars to emit less nitrogen oxide on the test bench than in normal driving mode. Defeat devices are banned under a 2007 regulation, with a few exceptions. Volkswagen maintains that defeat devices in its EA 189 diesel engines were not illegal in the EU.

German transport minister alexander dobrindt (CSU) considers the EU rules impractical and is pushing for tightening them. He has been arguing with the EU commission about the ie for a long time.

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