“Fog” and responsibility: altmaier says in the wirecard committee

For a minor figure in the wirecard investigation committee, peter altmaier is pretty well prepared. Next to him are two file folders, spread in front of him many handwritten notes, painted with yellow highlighter. At the beginning of his testimony, the CDU politician uses the committee first: he has demonstrated his entitlement to existence. It is good that the deputies brought light into what is not "optimal" work.

Not "optimal" was the role of the behavior of the fraud scandal in the meanwhile insolvent fruheren DAX group wirecard with damage even for thousands of small investors. Critics throw the supervisory board a collective failure: the eye’s economic privorces, financial supervision bafin, for the finance minister olaf scholz (SPD) is state. But also the wirtschaftspreferlicht apas, about the altmaier’s ministry the legal supervision has. The apas supervises final calls – and should not be exactly looking exactly in the mega-scandal wirecard.

Inadequate exams

The prufter of EY had approved wirecards balanced bodies for years without an objection and are therefore confronted with fierce. The so-called wambach report of a law firm presented on tuesday in the inquiry committee was unmistakable, said SPD-obmann jens zimmermann: "EY did not praise properly at wirecard over many years."

Altmaier says in the committee, he can not recognize obvious evidence in dealing with the topic of wirecard by the apas. He himself had only on the 18th. June 2020 deals with wirecard close – it was his birthday and the day when wirecard reiterated the publication of the annual balance due to a missing test date. Little later must register the payment service provider and former borsenlebling insolvency. The company gaped a balance sheet of 1.9 billion euros. The munchener prosecutor’s office ames that it has arosited hot profits since 2015.

The ey’s accountants had their stamps under these financials for years. And the apas? I have about spat exactly, so the accusation about the opposition. She only reached in may 2020 as a special report raised significant doubts about wirecards honesty. Since altmaier is stealthy for the apas, he also bears a political responsibility, says the green members lisa paus.

Altmaier, on the other hand, stresses that the apas was independent, the ministry of economic affairs only. Unlike bafin, for the minister of finance scholz also carries the expert supervision. Altmaier kundaged to adapt to the apas compliance regulations. The design for a corresponding regulation is ready and must only be signed, altmaier said. He has the impression that the parliament does not exist on a legal regulation, but a regulation rich.

Because the scandal had already followed for the economic preliminary review: your boss was released after admitting in the inquiry committee, to have acted privately with shares of the scandal company, during the supervision of the wirecard prufer took a closer loupe. The rules had to be adapted so that not the suspicion of bias and interest collision arises, says altmaier.

Political responsibility

The CDU minister of economic affairs and the SPD minister of finance and SPD chancellor’s candidate: two witnesses, which are attended in the prevention phase of the inquiry committee this week – a few months before the general election. The focus of the work-up is less altmaier, but above all scholz – and his state secretar jorg kukies.

The SPD nevertheless tries to direct the view of altmaier. The CDU man blocked reforms at apas, now the union stems against strict liability rules for business premiums, criticizing the SPD member CANSEL KIZILTEPE. "The lobby is at the factory with full power and finds many open deals with our coalition partner."

Her party friend jens zimmermann says scholz had set to the top of the declaration in the declaration of the wirecard scandal. In contrast, in the ministry of economic affairs, one always has one "small profile" sought.

The strategy of the SPD is obvious, union chairman matthias hauer. "Here fog candles are thrown around the finance minister." this is for a sense to distract from the main person in this topic – this is scholz.

Scholz is said to come to the examination committee on thursday, cery before before. For friday, chancellor angela merkel (CDU) is loaded as a witness. She had been using a journey to china for wirecard – at a time when at least critical media reports on the company were already known.

"German sparkler"

From the chancellery came on tuesday – in front of altmaier – digital state minister dorothee bar in the committee. It was about a meeting with the fruheren boss of the scandal group, markus braun. He is considered one of the wireholders of the mutual billions of fraud. Braun had dropped at a company tour 2018 that he would like to meet chancellor angela merkel (CDU) once, bar said. That was not unusual for the boss of a DAX company. You have the chancellor then "on the wing" addressed to the appointment brown. Merkel told her that the conversation request should be passed on to the chancellery – the appointment was not concluded afterwards. That they have passed on the concern "comprehensible", said bar – it had slices, wirecard is one "german sparkler".

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