Github builds its own administration for docker images

Github builds its own administration for Docker Images

The code-hoster github extends its packages to add additional functions that should improve the handling of containers within these packages. In addition to anonymous access to public container images github lays the focus on better cooperation from and in teams.

Github sees docker packages according to NPM as the second most secure okosystem, which was downloaded among the hundred million packages last year. On the basis of this, the developers behind the software development platform now published the first beta of their own administration for containers.

Anonymous access to container images

Github allows anonymous access to public container images via github container registry, similar to anonymous access to public source code repositories. The code hoster uses this feature with the publication of a public image of your own code analysis tool super linter. Github provides the new container administration for public images for free. During the beta phase, private images are freely accessible, but then they should follow the stock price model as part of the github packages.

For a better teamy cooperation, github uses the sharing of data and fine-grained permissions for containers within an organization. The possibility to publish container images within an organization should support teams in this to exchange them easier and safer with other developers. By separating the authorization for the package, from which of the source code, the publication is restricted to a smaller user circuit. In addition, other release guidelines can be enforced.

Github actions updated

To simplify the publication of such images github has the workflow template "publish docker container" updated in the github actions. The software development platform provides for users who use the current docker service within github packages a guide to migrating images to migrate images. Information and innovations for the github container registry should be played on the public roadmap. Clear information can be found in the advance.

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