Legendar berlin bitcoin bar room 77

Legendar Berlin Bitcoin Bar Room 77

It was allowed to have been one of the first stationar businesses worldwide in which customer could pay with the krypto money bitcoin: the burger-bar room 77 in berlin-kreuzberg. But now the pub will end their doors end-to-filled, shared operators joerg platzer via reddit with. Since year 2011, the bar bitcoin had been adopted as a means of payment – bitcoin was still far from today’s courses and one of the first rough speculative bubble on the brass MT long ago. Gox stood up.

The mission to make humanity tasty a really hard money is to be filled and one can now return to his home planet, from which one had once come, in the farewell mail, that in allusion to the sci-fi satire "the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy" held. Platzer confirmed the end of our site: "the bitcoin is now coarse enough to get clarified without a kreuzberger rock’n’roll bar." corona specifications and a upcoming renovation of the building also gave the rash for the retention.

The bitcoin neighborhood

Numerous members of the bitcoincommunity regretted the end and love, for example, to review memories in the first place, where they could actually spend bitcoin for the first time. The room 77 is considered one of the central places for the development of the european bitcoin scene, community members from all over the world met there, numerous journalists visited the bar to over the "phanomen bitcoin" to report.

Owner joerg platzer calls itself as a bitcoin evangelist and has used itself as an activist again and again for the dissemination of the crypto money. His pub in graefestraine in kreuzberg was also the starting point for the "bitcoin neighbor", an initiative of charging the neighborhood that accepted all bitcoin payments. Similar initiatives, there were also in other badon london, amsterdam and even hannover. Germany’s first bitcoin machine was also set up here.

Speculation instead of mass acceptance

But really FUB did not touch the concept of bitcoin as everyday money at the store budget. Apart from very technologists, people still pay hardly with it. At all, the vision of a free world food for wide layers as a leitmotif of the crypto money scene seems to have.

From one digital food is a whole, barely transparent crypto-money-economy with a colorful floor of the truth, tokens, service providers, borseas, decentralized apps and similar adults. And not infrequently, only the speculation on spectacular course developments is in the foreground. "The bitcoin community that gave it, she does not exist anymore. I heard myself again and again to speak of ‘we’ and then realize that it does not exist anymore", reflected space some time ago the development in the conversation with the specialist service coindesk.

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