Loch ness this year 2000 is on the mars

"Water on the mars" ghosts as a summer hole by the magazines.

Within a few days, after the reports on nanobacteria on mars and earth, there are reports of water on the mars from investigations of various teams independent of each other.

The message of the BBC from 22. June on images of the NASA from the unmanned probe mars global surveyor with the realization that still water is still not only under, but also on the marsoberflat and this in deep ravines and canyons as lakes and tumbles of brackish water precomme, so amed immediately another examination of this sensation.

Loch Ness this year 2000 is on the Mars

Neighborhood of newton crater, photo: NASA / JPL / malin space science systems

The crust of the red planet mars could, so became on the 27th. June known, according to the youngest investigations of the american researcher dr. Laurie A. Lead from the arizona state university contained two to three times more water than previously suspected. Leshin does not put its statement on the evaluation of NASA air clarification, but to the examination of the deuterium salary of a meteorite originating from mars. Leshin compared the deuterium content in the atmosphere with the meteorite known as the que94201, which was found in 1994 in the antarctic and, when three million years ago from mars after a collision with another sky corner.

Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen: the atomic cores of the deuterium contain a neutron in addition to the proton present in normal hydrogen atomic nuclei. The water vapor occurring in the mars atmosphere contains in the ratio five times more deuterium as earthly water. So far, scientists amed that the water at the mars originally contained the same deuterium content as on earth. It was amed that by the escape of a coarse part of the water of the deuterium content increase, since normally hydrogen is lighter than deuterium.

The new investigation of the american researcher, however, suggests the conclusion that the water under the mars surface also a higher – namely about twice – content of deuterium contained as earthly water. That’s why mrs. Drusk concludes. Leshin, now needs far less mars water to escape to explain the deuterium dentation in the atmosphere of the red planet. Your research report will be on 15. July to be published in the geophysical research letters.

The on the 23. June confirmed representation of a study by professors carleton moore (chemistry and geology) by arizona state university, douglas sawyer from scottsdale community college, the asu doctorand michael mcgebee and julie canepa of los alamos national laboratory is not based on the deuterium question, but concentrated on the proof, it once has given on the mars, as on earth, saltwater oceans?

Yes, the result of the investigation of the 1911 in egypt has decreased "nakhla"-meteorite. The rock clump was probably drained 1.2 billion years ago in the impact of a coarse meteor on the mars also sparkled. The scientists stem in their investigations in the meteorite to the typical concentrated resistance of salted water, namely sodium, chlorine, magnesium and calcium, almost precisely according to the composition of water terrestrial oceans. The calcium content alone is significantly high, presumably because calcium in the oceans of the earth has been reduced by biological activity to the period of more than a billion years today.

The researchers see in the minerals not only the proof of a former ocean on the red planet, but also consider this as an indication that the original starting conditions differed in the earthly oceans not significantly from today’s! Exciting to read, as already immediately further forecasts and speculation about extraterrestrial life is preserved new food, so in the new scientific american in a post of ian crawford: "WHERE ARE THEY?"

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