Microsoft open own github repository for c # standardization

Microsoft Open Own Github Repository for C # Standardization

The standardization committee for C # has received a location on github, where it can be used to promote the standardization of the project. The envision in .According to the NET blog, the opening of standardization work to see for all interested parties and coordination under the roof of the .Net foundation at the end to one "accurate standard" the current versions of C # drove.

.Net foundation coordinates standardization of C #

The ECMA standardization committee for C # is still considered spring-carrying when creating the C # standard (TC-49-TG2, "TG" stands for task group). Behind the project is now the .Net foundation. The google employee jon skeet – as convenor – and the microsoftmeceiter rex joeschke – as secretarial – coordinate work on standardization. At present, the responsible persons drove together the work design for C # 6 with the already finished standard text for C # 5, as next to the features of C # 7 are added.

Opportunity and focus by own repository

Due to the opening of the new repository, C # has a three separate repository on github: dotnet / csharplang for the design and further development of the language, dotnet / roslyn for the implementation of compilers and tools as well as DOTNET / CSHARP standard for creating the standardization document that language describe. Previous distributed documents and folders are now successively moving to the new address. In particular, the specification document on docs.Microsoft.COM plans to replace the committee through the new version, and all documents concerning the specification will remove it from the development repository. The discussion of open questions also draws.

The new repository DOTNET / CSHARP standard currently includes documents for language specification and the default text, subdivided into single chapters. In addition, it contains a folder with tools, for example for converting markdown and standard anchor tags, which serve to implement the ECMA specification for C # (ECMA-354). For C # 6.0, the committee has already created a draft, which the group of ECMA has not yet been formally submitted. This work design to the features of C # 6.0 is visible in the repository. The standard for C # 5.0, on the other hand, is ready and serves in the github repository as a template for character for art standard texts (standard for C # 5: ECMA-334: 2017, which corresponds to ISO standard 23270: 2018).

Further information

Interested people should see and comment on the pull requests (pr) and comment on IES for changes that have not yet been covered. At the move members of the standardization committee for C #, the .Net foundation and the task group (ECMA TG49) involved. Further information can be found in the blog entry of .Remove net developers.

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