Ministry: tesla suffices new application documents for factory construction

Ministry: Tesla suffices new application documents for factory construction

Tesla has submitted new application documents for the construction of his factory in grunheide at berlin at the state office for the environment. This divided the ministry of the environment in potsdam on thursday. Amendments in the current approval procedure have become necessary, among other things, because the company on site also plans to produce battery cells. For this purpose, tesla has now requested a corresponding secondary device for vehicle production.

With battery cell factory

In january, it became known that tesla in the planned battery cell factory wants to build a mass production with new technology. In the factory, according to information from industry circuits, a new cell type should be produced, which has a five-time high energy and six times more power. The factory should be built on the tesla area in grunheide in direct near the autofabrik.

In addition, tesla is planning an extension of the pressing mill through two more press lines. The body sew is reduced to the application for a production line. Also new there are production steps for the production and painting of plastic components such as stobbar and back-level covers.

Tesla wants to grow around 500 in grunheide.000 copies of compact vehicle series model 3 and model Y. For the construction of the autofabrogen, the final environmental approval of the federal immission protection act is missing. Tesla therefore builds with premature beds. The time for final decision is unclear.

Operation at the end of the year

Originally, the company wanted to start production in july. During a visit to grunheide in mid-may, tesla boss elon musk called the end of the year as an appointment for the start of production. The migrant application of the car manufacturer also contains measures to reduce water consumption.

The approval of the approval of a renewed involvement of the public, as is the environment ministry. A renewed interpretation is considered likely. Nature conservation associations were required.

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