Safe ki for crisis situations: apheris launches the gaia-x project spell

Safe ki for crisis situations: Apheris launches the Gaia-X project Spell

The apheris gmbh specializing in APHERIS gmbh increases as a partner in the GAIA-X research project required by the federal ministry of economics and energy "spell" (semantic platform for intelligent decision-making and deployment in control centers and in the position management). The berliners bring about their core privacy engine for a secure and privacy-preserving use of ML procedures on distributed data. The aim of the project is to make crisis situations better manageable.

Pandemics, coarse damage events or other crisis situations have a gross impact on many economic and areas of life and require a frequent and organizational cooperation of various control centers and location centers. Currently, however, it hapes the interoperability of the actors involved and their IT systems. This delays an efficient design of macers (danger, emergency aid, protection of critical infrastructures, burger information). Here, future artificial intelligence (ki) and data analyzes should bring significantly more pace and thus make the situation faster and more resilient economic and social systems.

Spell – a semantic platform

In the "spell" project, a semantic platform is to be created, the various data sources of data protection compliant and access control integrates. On this database, so-called ki-based value-added services (KID) decision makers in control centers and location centers should be supported when dealing with exercised events. Here is apheris’ core privacy engine into the game. The engine allows the safe exchange and analysis of distributed data under preservation of privacy. It was developed by a research team at the interface of privacy, cryptography and computer science with long-term experience in software and product development. Apheris will adapt the engine to the requirements of the application scenarios pursued in the spell project and extend the appropriate additional modules. For the development, the gaia-X principles are prescribed: protection of data source and refusal, interoperability, portability, transparency and fair participation.

Apheris is part of a group of ZWOLF project partners who can refer to excellent preparatory work in their respective fields. The german research center for artificial intelligence as a consortium guide, the advancis software services, BASF SE, COREVAS GMBH CO. KG, the DRK landesverband rhineland-palatinate E.V., empolis information management gmbh, the fraunhofer-gesellschaft e.V. With its institutes iesis and focus, the ISE informatikgesellschaft fur software development MBH, livereer gmbh, the technical university darmstadt, the VFS association for safety technology and other associated partner organizations.

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