Scrappage scheme: online reservation starts on 30 march. march

From monday the 30. March 2009, "but not before 8.00 a.M" new rules will apply to all applicants for the scrapping premium: as of this date, it is compulsory to reserve the environmental premium online. This was announced today by the federal office of economics and export control (BAFA), which is responsible for processing the application. As of this date, the agency will no longer accept new applications in paper form, it added.

The 30. The reservation procedure, which precedes the actual application, takes into account the interests of those car buyers who order a new car with a delivery deadline. According to the original regulation, they had the "environmental pram" the day of delivery of the new car.

A new online form should be available by the end of march "UMP-new" should appear on the BAFA website by the end of march – so far it is not available. For the reservation one must also upload a copy of the purchase or leasing contract or the binding order in PDF format, the agency further informs. The attachment of other file formats is not permitted, the agency has since informed heise autos in response to a query.

Applicants initially received an automatic confirmation of receipt, from the 16. April, the reservation notices were sent out. The reservation of a scrappage scheme is valid for six months. Together with the notification, the applicant receives a list of the documents that must be submitted to BAFA – then by mail – by no later than 31. January 2010 at the latest. Only when these paper documents are received by BAFA, a decision on the application will be made.

Another new feature is that the applicant will receive a so-called "proof of use" form for the end-of-life vehicle together with the reservation notice, which must be filled out by a recognized car recycler. Also it remains with the 1. March that the original vehicle registration document of the old car must be submitted.

The ADAC, for example, fears that the new regulation will have disadvantages for those who do not have an internet connection or the necessary online routine. An advantage of the new procedure is that car buyers can take their time with the decision to really scrap their old car until they know for sure, thanks to the new reservation notice, whether there is a premium left for them at all.

An experiment with an open outcome, on the other hand, was the 30. This could turn out to be all the more violent, the more the number of available premiums becomes even scarcer by then.

Old procedure until 29. March

Applicants who have fulfilled all the requirements for the environmental bonus up to and including 29. If you have not fulfilled the requirements of march 2009, you can still apply for the environmental premium according to the current rules using the old application form (download link). This must be submitted with the complete proofs and documents at the latest by the 15th of the month. April 2009 received by BAFA.

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