Short informed: fsf, assange, ps3, light pollution

Short informed: FSF, assange, PS3, light pollution

Further uncomfortable in the FSF

Important support from the economy leave the free software foundation, while leaving members of the executive board and leaders from the organization. Thus, they protest against the reversing of the controversial land richard M. Stallman in the board of community organization in the past week. Permanent high point is the acquirement of the software company red hat, the FSF no longer financially supported. Stallman was back in september 2019 by his board office. His comments to sexual abuse in the affare around jeffrey epstein and the co-professor marvin minsky gave his comments on.

Shortly informed by our site ยท short informed 30.03.2021: FSF, assange, PS3, light pollution

Court proceedings against assange

The UN special rapporteur for torture nils melzer has compared the procedure against julian assange with a witch process in the bundestag online debate in the bundestag. Since ten years, assange began in addition to psychological torture "systematically exposed heavy procedural errors" and stamped as a rendering as well as spy, melzer leads out. It goes to underpress his voice, by no means for justice. The investigative journalist gunter wallraff demanded at the event that aufeister heiko maas had to use and more deputies for assange to actually controlled the intelligence "cartel of the concealment" break.

Sony tries store for PS3 and PS vita

Sony’s access to the playstation store for two old consoles: from summer you can no longer buy games in the online store of sony on the playstation 3 and the playstation vita. However, already purchased titles remain playable and can be downloaded at any time. Sony also removes the purchase function on the playstation portable.

Satellite bright night sky

Artificial satellites sprinkle light in their entirety that the night sky on earth is about 10 percent more brighter on earth than without this artificial whitening. Found four researchers from the slovak academy of sciences. This 10 percent brightening had been set as a border for light pollution 40 years ago, which should not be exceeded at locations of astronomical instruments. According to the new analysis, there is already no location on earth, where this requirement is met. With the construction of gigantic satellite constellations like starlink of spacex, the situation becomes even worse.

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