Software apis in practice

Software- APIs in practice

Apis are an essential part of modern software development. Approaches such as API economy or API first are an answer to the increasing integration in IT, in which the boundaries between systems are increasingly blurring. In this episode of software architecture.TV speaks eberhard wolff with erik wild about how to deal with apis practically. How can apis be reusable? How can the information in the company easily accessible? Should companies have an API strategy?

The broadcast takes place live on friday at 12 o’clock, the result is ready afterwards as recording. During the live stream, questions can be asked via twitch or youtube chat, by twitter to @ewolff or anonymous with the form on the videocast website.

Software architecture.TV is a video cap of eberhard wolff, blogger and podcaster on heise developer and well-known software architect in the services of the IT consulting company innoq. Since june 2020, over 50 episodes have been created, the different areas of the software architecture illuminate – sometimes with gastles, times wolff solo. Recently, heise developer binds the over youtube streamed new episodes in the online channel, so viewers from the heise media can follow the videocast.

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