Surf performance tests for school

The proposal of a think tanks close to the british government should have children a coarse surfing of school computers

Well meant is probably the proposal of the institute of public policy research (IPRI), one of the labor party, which understands itself as a left and progressive thinking think tank. The introduction of an internet transfer license, so that the children can access the internet from the school from a certain age unregulated to the internet.

Who says internet management certificate, says, of course, the introduction of a conveyation. Ipri calls these "surfing profirency test". Schuler from 11 years should be subjected to such a text, then no longer through such rigid filters "careful", how to surf the web on british schools.

Damien tambini by ipri introduces itself, as the guardian reports, a course from one week ago who could take place in the summer holidays. The schuler should learn how to handle strangers in chat space or get good information from the network. "We want to emphasize", so tambini, "that this is not quite a negative text. He should also realize that children know what they can find in positive terms. For example, information that could help you with your school work. Contemporarily you do not learn that in the class. The computers in the schools filter too much information."

On the parents you can not exit what the internet training is concerned. They were not aware of their responsibility for computer use of their children. And then only 18 percent of internet users from the internet watch foundation had already been attended by the control of the content on the net and offers a hotline.

The proposal but not only roots on open ears. So john dunford, general secretar of the association of the headmaster, is reserved against this opposite: "A performance test as a permission for the not monitored use of the internet was simply more knowledge to the children, how to find pages that they should not see."

If you have already brought the ubel the world into the classroom with the internet, then dunford is apparently planning for the motto: "what you do not know, that does not make a hot." the schools should not know according to more, but for less worries. Clearing some have always felt dangerous.

In the case of a allensbach survey last year, every second teacher of internet filters in germany was considered an important instrument to protect the schools from right-wing extremists or pornographic websites. In germany, the monitoring of internet usage dominates by the teacher itself. Filters are, despectual, even more convenient than a declaration of such content and a discussion with them. Clearance buttons but that schuler had to know the content, which is not intended to hazard because of that of you. If one became biologically argued, so the children-shocked children were growing up in a sterile environment. Then comes in "virus" or a MEM, the mental immune system has not prepared for it and forming anti-corporation, which is why one is then the receiver.

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