The secrets of the keyboard

Almost two gram of dirt and waste collect under the keys of the month, revealed an investigation

Unleggest scientists have discovered in a chipactic acidic acid and heat-resistant bacteria, from which generous biotransistors can be produced (living semiconductors). Which internal life thrives in the discourse of the computers and the peripheral devices, probably has not been studied yet. But now we know, thanks to AOL UK, what is so accumulated in a month in the computer keyboard in an average buro.

Representative is not this investigation. Whether, for example, the contents of the keyboards in london of those who are needed in the country or even in other countries remains as well as a secret as the differences between men and women, the generations or social layers.

In the keyboard, the AOL UK of reading scientific services, a grocery laboratory, has been examined, had accumulated in a month after all 1.89 gram of dirt – if that is always the case, the things are always heavier, and you have to be surprised that you can still write to you after a few months).

The dirt comes from the departure from what the user, eagerly missing the keyboard, dropping on brosols from the snack or lickings and fits in the lights between the keys. 56 percent comes from these sources that have to do with food intake. But also the body care during computer work or at least in front of the computer, maybe only that, which descends from the body so on hair, skin chapters or fingernails as waste products, seems to contribute to a part of the personal collection. There are only dust or dead insects. Microorganisms had to find a good biotope.

AOL UK was not a mining and has once calculated how many "keypad" to accumulate in the course of a year among all keyboards in the UK. That were when the studied keyboard typical goods, 0,318 tons.

A spokeswoman of reading scientific services said against BBC that the company, which worked under concieritine obligations, would not give any information about whether the dirt can be a health risk. BBC, however, gives the tip of buror cleaning companies that the users regularly turn their keyboard and then shake it to the dirt so that the dirt. Otherwise you can also remove the keys and then vacuum the dirt or blow away. And as long as it is only around krumel, fingernail or dust, the keyboard is not yet lost. Otherwise, this looks like a coffee or a wine drinks …

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