Unbreakable ceasefire in syria [update]

Unbreakable ceasefire in Syria [update]

Provinces in syria. Map: tubs. License: CC BY-SA 3.0.

Combat in daraja and latakia – terrorist attack in homs

Yesterday night, syria should start a fire break, which the US, russia, the syrian government and the saudi arabia supported 97 militias "high negotiating committee" (HNC) last week (cf. Fire break in syria with many open questions). Stop this fire break in the coarse and large, should be on 7. Follow marz peacekeeping. On 12. Marz want to start the HNC militias again with the fights.

Whether and how the truce is a definition ie, because anti-terroriases against the IS caliphate and the syrian al-qaeda branch al-nusra-front are not affected. According to the syrian army, according to the syrian army, among other things, in the daraja region is close to damascus, which is why there was yesterday night.

The terrorist group is dominated by coarse parts of the aleppo region – but in collaboration with other jihadistic groups, which are partly supported by saudi arabia, which is why it is well possible that one side as a legitimate terrorist defense and from the other as a breakage of the ceasefire seen.

Similarly, for the northeast of the alawitenvervinz latakia, from which the opposition-related london one-man agency syrian observatory for human rights reported a dead al-nusra composites through a military use. Aleppo reported together between IS and government forces.

In homs, where the syrian and the russian luftwaffe flew many inserts before the start of the fire break, it was quiet since midnight. The same applies to daraa and hama.

This contradicts the syrian news agency sana, which reports on the explosion of a suicide matte in the city of salamija, which was located in the province of hama, through which at least two people died and four more seriously injured.

From the sowing house won it last night, you will only make a later chance to keep the ceasefire as largely maintained or broken. As a similarly, the UN special sentiment staffan de mistura, who said, also had a fire break only conditionally "the best opportunity that the syrian people had in the past five years".

[update: in the afternoon, it became known that the is sad the city of tall abyad positions of the kurdish YPG militia attack, which was supported by ten US air raids. In the fighting 45 salafists and 20 kurds have come to life. In addition, in residential quarters in damascus, grenades, who are mutually in the "regulatory areas" dschobar and duma were fired.]

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