Vw passat: new generation in the driving report

Vw passat: new generation in the driving report

Barcelona (spain), 15. October 2010 – even when switching from the golf 5 to the current generation 6, critics vw considered to have their bestsellers just a comprehensive facelift. The success of the golf did not abort, especially since the wolfsburg had improved the right places. In the new edition of the central class model passat VW pursues a similar tactics. Again, outdoor and interior design were only marginally changed, but the technology behind the scenes partly developed significantly. A test drive should show whether VW is rightly talking about a new generation or the process was made only primarily.

Family face

The basic form of the model built since 2005 was maintained in the successor in both body variants. With 4.77 meter long, 1.82 meters wide and 1.47 meters high, the amounts of the sedan have changed only in the millimeter area. In the combination model variant it is as important. However, the new passat takes many features of its VW siblings. At the front, the current brand face falls on, which is now a coarse part of the wolfsburg vehicle palette by polo on the touran to phaeton. The jerk lights of the passat are reminiscent of sharan, touran and touareg.

Inside little new

The interior of the vehicle brings no survivors. The dashboard is afraid of the process very much. Only details were changed: the climate mediation is new, the steering wheel also. Both are already known from various VW models. In addition, a hubsche analog watch found its place up in the center console. It is obvious and upright, after individual butps you do not have to look for a long time. In the test cart with soft leather and elegant aluminum trim strips, material choice and processing meet high tunnels – here the passat offers a good quality.

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