A trip in the ford sierra xr4i from 1983

A trip in the ford sierra xr4i from 1983

Oberding, 26. October 2012 – when ford sierra was officially presented in september 1982 on the paris motor show, his design ensured fierce discussions. Ford had buried with the model change not only the biederen taunus, but seemed to be landed once in the future. His design was controversial, but quite fashionable. To do this, you have to recall what the competition offered at that time: BMW with the threesome of the second generation or an audi 80 looked visually clear old age.

Radical change

Grober had not be the contrast to the process. On the stepheck limousine taunus followed a roundlich flyback with a CW value of 0.34. Integrated headlights and stobbars provided for a futuristic appearance of the funfturer with "aero-heck", such as ford called the modern rear part. After all, under the hood, a largely usual sight offered: a suction diesel with 67 hp from 2.3 liters displacement and gasoline with 75 to 150 hp four and six cylinders.

Even in the development of the sierra at the end of the 1970s, the world-propagated cargo thought on the plan. A total of four design studios from koln to detroit gathered their ideas for the new middle class, nor called "linda" from tarngrunden. At the lady with many vaters concluded "toni", the final sierra development in koln. Roten on an unusual design went through the press, at the IAA in september 1981 showed the study "sample III" quite as a serial approach, where the bunny runs, the official idea of the sierra was then on the paris motor show 1982.

For the geneva motor show in marz 1983, ford led the for the time being the most strongest sierra stage: in the only three-praised xr4i provided a 2.8-liter six-cylinder with injection and 150 hp for vibrant driving performance. Today, the german diesel nation was allowed to laugh about mildness, but at the time were 210 lace and 8.4 seconds from zero to a hundred still real announcements. So it does not surprise that ford wound in the xr4i prospectus: "experience what’s going on".


Today his round design is no longer so unfamiliar as once, but rather factual and balanced. Nevertheless, no viewer stops the sierra for a vintage car. So the AHA effect comes first in case of a close thinking: the plastic-king of once is mature FURS H license plate? Can not be! The almost closed front line and the wide headlights were reserved until marz 1985 only the xr4i and the luxurious equipment variant GHIA reserved. And only this tail: on the coarse tailgate a fucker double-spoiler brand fried counter. But that too could toppen for ford: the later sierra RS cosworth came even more aircraft used.

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