Air taxi: honeywell supplies components for and participates in lilium

Air Taxi: Honeywell supplies components for and participates in Lilium

Lilium wants his art-based electrically powered seven-seat air taxi with electronic systems of honeywell. In addition, the US mixed group becomes proportion of share of the german company.

Honeywell should be among other things "COMPACT FLY-BY-WIRE" providing the flight control system, which should be responsible for the control of the moving parts. In addition, 36 controls and channel frames. Liliums CPO yves yemsi refers to the technique as the final element for the lilium jet.

In addition, honeywoll should contribute to the air taxi an avionic system, the pilot should offer a simplified user interface. This system had tailored the two companies to the jet. It is intended to tape the training period and support the operation by a single pilot or a single pilot, which could find more passengers in the jet place. For the first test flight he should withdraw the next year.

Via spac to the borse

In lilium, honeywell wants to invest about the purchase of ordinary shares related to the boron of the air taxi manufacturer. This wants to get to the borse by taking over by the special purpose acquisition company QELL. How high honeywell’s investment failed in lilium does not emerge from the message.

The 2015 rounded company lilium does not only want to have a traveler market ready until 2024, but also offer a complete urban air mobility system inelectively landscaping. Honeywell looks like its own information "enormous potential", UAM will initiate a new age of aviation. The company works not only on the lilium, but also for the competitors vertical aerospace.

Vertical starter lilium jet

Air Taxi: Honeywell supplies components for and participates in Lilium

2025 the second factory should be put into operation.

In addition to honeywell, toray industries, aciturri and lufthansa aviation training are involved in the development of the lilium jets. In addition, infrastructure providers like the tavistock development company and the airport operator ferrovial, who wants to support the development of up to 14 locations called vertors in florida.

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