Apple car: team should rewind cooperation with korean manufacturers

Apple Car: Team should rewind cooperation with Korean manufacturers

Apple obviously tries again to be a production partner for "apple car" to find in sudkorea. This time it seems to be a supplier, especially the group visited by a specifically deputy team, it is called in several media reports from asia.

The taiwan appears digitimes reports that the emissons from cupertino have met with LG and the SK group among other things. LG produces, among other things, batteries for E cars, but also components such as chips and displays. The SK group is in turn a far-branched group, which is also tiger as a car supplier.

Suppliers for batteries and car parts

Sense of the exercise is obviously to build a supply chain for apple’s first E-car, which (part) should be autonomous on the road. The group is actively involved in looking for suppliers and important business partners for the project. In a further message in the korea times homes again, apple is specific in search of partners from the electric car scene. Without sudkorean companies, the business plan should not be implemented. The talks seem to commute between a breakfast and an advanced stage, won it on. Among other things, it should go to the production of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Apple had seen in the meantime to outsourish the production of his first vehicle to one of the groben sudkorean manufacturers. This is obvious hyundai and his daughter kia. However, fears of farms, as pure producers to get problems with their brand image. Meanwhile, the easter rich carmaker magma is also considered a potential paver – possibly in cooperation with suppliers from far east.

Confusing strategy cupertinos

Apple’s vehicle project – known among the terms "apple car" or "icar" – run for many years. So far, there is no information about when such a car appears. The group’s strategy also seems regularly switching – from completely autonomous vehicles on partial autonomous vehicles to pure delivery or feedback. Managers are regularly exchanged.

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