Chrome 90: first security update for the new browser version available

Chrome 90: First Security Update for the new browser version available

Yesterday google has called the general availability of chrome 90 – and immediately pushed the first security updates: chrome 90.0.4430.72 for the desktop, whole 37 security fixes with severity classifications of "low" until "high".

Who has used the 89er version series of chrome, get the update to chrome 90 on the usual way, ie by auto-update, if this was not disabled. Thus, the new security update is relevant not only for new, but also for existing chrome installations. It should be distributed as usual in the coming days and weeks.

With details on the security joke google’s envision to chrome 90.0.4430.72 as usual, until most users have received the update. In this way, the attack possibilities should be kept as low as possible.

Microsoft’s edge pulls slightly delayed

Meanwhile, the chromium-based edge has received an update: it includes important security fixes against two vulnerabilities, for the exploit code is publicly available. Google’s chrome had received the same update shortly before.

The new edge version number (stable channel) is 89.0.774.77. The currently installed EDGE version can be checked (and at the same time updating manually) by clicking on the menu on the top right "help and feedback" and then too "about microsoft edge" navigated.

Chrome 90: First Security Update for the new browser version available

"Microsoft edge is up to date" – or has at least received the previously available updates previously available.

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