E-mobilitat on the caravan salon 2018

E-mobilitat on the caravan salon 2018

80 kwh battery capacity, two electric motors with 40 kw each power and 470 nm torque. What appeals like the data sheet of a respectable electric car is that of a caravan: dethleffs has the E at the caravan salon in dusseldorf.Home coco introduced. A study that really makes sense in the event of a closer look. Furs drive, camps and even at home.

Actually, the world of caravan is conservative. Some established manufacturers determine the market whose innovations are reflected on changing materials in the interior and more and more comfort features. The energy for heating and hob comes from gas cylinders. With electricity only the refrigerator is supplied and, if available, the air conditioning. And that, although almost every european campsite on the well-known 16-ampere connections have. For motorhomes that stand somewhere every day, network-independent off-grid solutions can be interesting – in caravans, which are the same place for a week or a whole season, that is not necessary.

Reduction of the strike load

The concept of dethleffs E is from this basic idea.Home coco out. The benefit of the electric drive and the memory is varied and starts at the exit: cars with low strike load can with this support pull a heavy caravan. The powered axis of E.Home coco can minimize the necessary attachment load. For example, on only 100 kilograms, dethleffs says. Such a strong reduction does not have to be in reality. But maybe with a simple volkswagen golf variant caravan can be safely pulled, weighing two tons. In addition, a conceivable battery electrical towing vehicle increases the range.

The fact that the caravan never comes into the loop is another development goal of the drive axle supplied by ZF with two cycling electric motors. As with an ESP, the radder can be braked individually or stronger powered. And quasi as a waste product allows the division between left and right a perfect torque vectoring, ie the performance distribution in curves. In addition, the e-motors rechouch, thus loading the batteries a stucco far again while braking.


Arriving at the campsite, the user automatically has a shunting aid, also called mover. Is the parking space reached and the E.Home coco connected to the mains, the power supply is completely via electricity. At least in the sun-year, the even in the heating was okay, and on the moisture entry by cooking with gas everyone can probably do without. It also lies on the hand that the battery forms a coarse buffer to represent power peaks where normal single-phase connection overrides goods.

After the trip, about the carport next to the detached house, the battery can also be used by the supplier akasol as a buffer memory. For example, for the stream from the own photovoltaic system – the high system costs could be reduced.

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