Finland: satellite from plywood should start this year

Finland: Satellite from plywood should start this year

A finnish wooden group wants to send a satellite to all this year and to accommodate the first wooden satellites from japan, which were confessed just a few months ago. Of the "WISA WOODSAAT" should have the mabe of a cubesat and will probably be used primarily as PR, even if the participants are you "data on behavior and durability of plywood in the harsh environment" collect. This should happen, among other things, using a camera attached to a foldable holder and to photograph the satellite. Behind the plan is upm plywood, europe’s big plywood manufacturer.

Satellite with selfie stick

Our "holznener satellite with a selfie stick will certainly be saved well and some laugh", but basically it is a serious scientific and technical challenge, ares project manager jari makinen. He works for the startup arctic astronautics, which is also involved in development as well as the company’s loud. In the woodsat mission should not only be analyzed the plywood, different sensors should make quantities and the satellite will also send to frequencies that can receive amateur radio. The woodsat should also promote the farewell of fossil raw materials. Even before the end of the year, he should be shot on a polar orbit on a rocket of the new zealandic space company rocket lab on a polar orbit and circle in 500 to 550 kilometers around the earth.

Environment from finland now follows a few months on a similar from japan. There, scientists of the university kyoto want to develop a satellite of wood to start with the local wood company sumitomo forestry, which should start 2023. First of all, they are about paths against harmful cheeks that emerge when creating their satellites in the atmosphere. Both satellites were not the first wooden objects in space, because NASA had already saluted several moon landing capsules in balsaholz.

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