French justice farce against three nurberger continues

French Justice Farce Against three Nurberger continues

In a high-priced fast appeal, the court wants to decide only if the imprisonment is practically subled

The absurdities in the french justice continue. The decision about whether the three boys "missing" from nurberg be released between the ages of 18 and 22, on friday at the court of appeal in the sudwest franzosische pau on the 17. October posted.

At this time, two of the three young men from nurnberg have been practically used their prison sentence. They were on 21. August arrested in the run-up to the G7 summit in the french-basque biarritz and condemned in a rush procedure under severe defense rights to two and three months. For their freezing was already demonstrated several times in nururn and in the basque country.

Slowly air is now the french judicial mist, which has been spread over the three young people since the disappearance. This is believed that only in the evening before the trial, the relatives finally received the already named elective defenders insight into the files. The defendant in the urgent procedure had the first named elective defenders from the hall. That one as a relevant or as a press representative until the evening before the appeal is not even a woman, where the trial will take place, is obvious to the many french secretions in the procedure.

"On the way to camping holiday"

The bayrische rundfunk (BR) has now found that the facts provide the information of the three young people. They had always explained to have been on the way to the spanish-basque place lekitio to meet with friends for camping holidays. That also has the defender of the 18-year-old man in court. Arie alimi occupies this with bookings of the campsite, bills of tank and toll sites, but also with the chat events of the cell phones, which were also able to see BR reporters.

"Therefore, there are no indications that either the entire group or the three father’s convicted plants to stop in biarritz or to participate there in protests or criminal offenses", reports the transmitter.

According to french reading, they should, according to the absurd judgment in the express proceedings, "a group spontaneously formed" have to "violent" to commit in biarritz. The problem according to the passes in the opposite summit and G7, however, is that there was no violence – provoked by the police provoked manure. The opponents of the G7 from the platform "g7ez" had that in advance again and again – also counteruber telepolis – explained.

And so, as planned, also a coarse demonstration with 15.000 participants absolutely peaceful. Already in the face of this fact, the appeal court had to suspend at least the detention. Because, so also reports the br, it results "from the travel dates that the three nurberger drove directly to the campsite in north spain" and not to the G7 and to the ticker.

Simulated danger due to massive police

But even in the process, a alleged danger situation was further simulated via massive controls. Process observers looked at martial police blocks and massive police prestige around the court. The defendants were brought into the courtroom like heavy criminals with handcuffs of good dozen officials.

That has taught the impression that the three young people "to terrorists" to be stylized, christiane brand says from the press team of the nurnberger solikreis. In front of the court had protested several dozen people against the detention of nurberger and solidized with them.

The solikreis and the defense ame that only the strong public prere has reached that it came to an appeal procedure before the penalties have already been used. According to defenders, normally only after three months is expected. Such a fast appeal procedure had not yet experienced the laws of law in her current career.

Even the controversial new law for praventive, brought in position under macron against the yellow-west protests, was still bent in the case of the three nur nurberger, means fire from the solikreis: "the law is designed to criminalize people on the way to an action or similar to criminalize, but that happened that already days before the G7 summit in biarritz and thus requires more political will to construct a crime than anyway."

The lawsalt also stated in her pladoyer that the three nurbers "your political ideas are accused". The lawyer alimi even sees one "continuity" between the law and the vichy regime, which once collaborated with the nazi occupiers. For the defenders, the procedure is a scandal. They condemned the "repression" against their clients who have not ended with the appeal procedure.

For the absurdities in the new law also belonging that the parents did not even call their children with their children afterwards, because they were appealed. As a small gesture, the court likes at least that they were allowed to embrace their children shortly after the conclusion of the trial.

Shocked observers and believes showed that within an eight-hour negotiation could not even be clarified whether the appeal was admitted, let alone that the cancellation of the express proceedings and not the request of defense was decided on arresting.

All this should only on the 17. October happen. Meanwhile, three young people remain imprisoned. The fact that observers were annoyed on this exit in the court of speaking choices, the safety force took over the occasion, the building forcibly under the use of violence and pepper spray to space. The relief of the defendant languages of one "nightmare" and that this was instrumentalized as justification to legitimize the martial police facility.

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