Magnitski case: the remembrance of the bill browder

Magnitski Case: The remembrance of the Bill Browder

The representations of the investment banker via his employee sergei magnitski and his death in 2009 were disseminated unfavorably uninterries

Whistleblower are the heroes of the information age. Your leaks reveal the durability of our usual sources while at the same time information surplus. The yearning is roughly after a journalism that reveals information, incubates incorrect representations, narrative question; hook.

Bill browder’s representations about his employee sergei magnitsky and his death in 2009 were disseminated unfavorably uninterries. In the episode browder was able to do the so-called "magnitsky act" initiate a law that should be sanctioned by those who have been responsible for magnitski’s arrest or have to draw financial benefits from it. According to browder, his lawyer sergei magnitsky has revealed a 230 million heavy tax fraud and has been killed in a russian prison because he did not move from his allegations.

Doubts about browder’s payment

Not all believe browder’s representations. About lucy komisar, robert parry or alex krainer. And at the beginning of this chain is a documentary film of filmmaker andrei nekrasov.

In his movie "the magnitsky act – behind the scenes" (the movie is not yet in sales), he considers discrepancies in bill browder’s representations. Participants are interviewed, documents checked and archive material evaluated. For example, the video recordings of the affidavit bill bill browder’s by the lawyer mark cymot on 15. April 2015 in new york. In the seventh survey, which is fully accessible in full for a long time, browder must admit that some of its public statements are compared to magnitski.

Magnitski was not a lawyer

Bill browder likes magnitski as a lawyer. The fact is that he was not a lawyer, but an accountant. He never visited a legal faculty.

Magnitski has not been sentenced to posthumously

In 2013, browder claimed magnitski was sued posthumously, and this was "one of the most familulous moments in russia’s story since joseph stalin".

In the survey, the lawyer mark cymot presents the russian judgment on the same year, which states that the procedure has been set for tax fraud against magnitsky. Bill browder, on the other hand, was convicted by law.

Browder’s lucky memories

Towards the end of the survey, mark cymot asks the following question to browder: "have you ever suggested magnitski on a midfood that he takes responsibility for the tax refunds of the companies saturn and dalnaya step?" here are the taxes of the years 2001 to 2004 in the yards of browder’s companies in general.

The scope of this question is enormous. Magnitski would then have been the bug boy, behind which everyone else had to go. A "yes" browder’s fond of a guilty institution "no" goods according to browder’s public repayments the logical answer. But as in many other sites of the survey, browder’s lucky reminder shows: "I do not remember."

These cutouts, which also in nekrasov’s movie "the magnitsky act – behind the scenes" occur, show a browder that nobody should see. The planned starting of the film in the EU parliament and the broadcast on arte, on the day of the freedom of the press, the 3. May 2016, were stopped shortly. Browder intervened. He threatened, among other things, ZDF, coproducer of the film, with complaints to overheap.

In a 2017 hand-handed email, browder informs the politico editor matthew kaminski a few days before the planned starting in the EU parliament, he wanted to make a real scandal from the event, which was organized by arte and ZDF, and reveals his attitude, what journalism reveals subject: dances after my whistle (whistle).

Magnitski Case: The remembrance of the Bill Browder

We invite you to the next telepolis salon "behind the scenes of the fall magnitsky", where we do the documentary "the magnitsky act – behind the scenes" enlisted. Original with german subtitles) show. As guests we expect the director andrei nekrasov and his employee vetta kirillova. The event takes place in the house top bar in the munchener lovelace in cardinal faulhaber-str. 1 today, on 13. June, at 18:30 instead. Admission: 5 EUR, fulfilled 3 EUR

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