Maria does not like to be roman, but only to be catholic

Maria does not like to be Roman, but only to be Catholic

"We get her from the pedestal! In our middle!" – galth in the santa maria gloriosa dei frari / venice: giovanni bellini (1437 – 1516) photo: didier descouens / CC-BY-SA-4.0

Two lands of reform movement "maria 2.0" gave their exit from the romisch-catholic church. The reason: a real change is not in sight

It started at the beginning of 2019 with a reading circle of the parish "holy cross" in munster. From the studies of the "evangelii gaudium", the first apostolic letter from pope francis, became a discussion – especially of women – about the current situation in the catholic church. More and more it came to light, "that for years the same questions have been discussed for years and that despite the recourse reform readiness, the abolition of existing man-together power structures is not in sight."

Two of the primers of "maria 2.0", lisa kotter and andrea vob-frick, sweeping the mannerbund, the "roman" at catholicism, now the jerking. Your decision is, you only wait for an appointment, because in germany the church exit must be explained to a state authority.

Stated "evangelii gaudium" supply the subtitle: "about the entertainment of the gospel of today". In this, pope francis dear in terms of the "missionary redesign of the church" about the "evangelizing power of popularity" turned out to the capitalist economic system, social inequality or egoism and advised "ear at the people". But pope francis does not seem to have such right, because the discussion round in munster did not think so right in the entertainment.

In particular, four topics that appeared to be important to those present: the attributable of women to all ecclesiastical officials, the abolition of the mandatory zolibat, the acceptance of homosexuality and a comprehensive declaration of all cases of sexualized violence through official and receivers of the catholic church. Exactly these topics also drifted many years ago the online deceased theologin uta ranke-heinemann.

The women want to get obedient

From the discussion circle the initiative was created "maria 2.0". The modern marias wanted to break with the ideal picture of the servant woman, for which their namestist is. A woman’s picture that she condemns to silence.

"Frauenlob likes to sung by church manne, but which determine alone, where women can bring their talents in the church. In their midst, they only tolerate a woman: maria. On your pedestal. There she is. And may only be silent. We get her from the pedestal! In our middle. As a sister who looks in the same direction as we."

And this direction is suden, the storm on the vatican – at least ideal. The marias therefore decided to leave the protected framework of their discussion circle and to enter the public. The records quoted above come from an open letter to pope francis, which they wrote in february 2019 to the special species in rome on the subject of sexualized violence in the church.

That asked you:

  • No more office for those who others have done to have tolerated or refurbished at the body or soul or these deeds
  • The self-reliable transfer of the tatter to secular courts and unrestricted cooperation with the law enforcement authorities
  • The access of women to all abroad of the church
  • The cancellation of the compulsory zolibat
  • To align ecclesiastical sexual morals on the reality of life of the people

As part of the first church strike of 11. Until 18. May 2019, they called for this open letter to the church tunes:

"We stay drabs! We celebrate the worship services on the churchplatzen, in front of the churches. We dance, sing, pray, find new words and new expressions! We take care of the body and soul and also welcome the men! We bring soft bed coves with. We cover the places with the wife of innocence, with the woman of mourning and community. The wickers can be described, painted, be reduced. You can be linked to long chains and huge letters… There is certainly many more ideas! We surround our churches with the color of the new beginning!"

That sounds like a fun mood. "Maria 2.0" became a symbol for the fight against the power of the talares, encrusted, patriarchal structures, a church that is hoppeted new life and that this also exhales.

Freiburg’s archbishop stephan burger, according to the domeradio, approved the church strike lack of the fact that women are frustrated to be excluded from the consecration to diaconers or priests. But he does not see a leeway to change the church regulations.

Also warned the kurienzbishop and private secretar of the emeritified pope benedict XVI., georg ganswein, before to invent a new church and bolt to your DNA. The forum of german catholics called the women to leave their association and one "A new belief organization" to found.

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