More bubbanks due to dsgvo violation in 2020

More bubbanks due to DSGVO violation in 2020

The handelsblatt has queried clarifications against the data protection regulation. It came out that nearly 60 percent more bubbanks were worn last year than the year before. However, in both years the information of a federal state – mecklenburg-vorpommern makes no statements. Affected by penalties and lower bubbles are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises as well as solosite.

The penalties amounted to 48 million euros nationwide. In this case, however, the bumped bugs makes the book money against the fashion trade HM, which had to pay 35 million euros alone. The record pitcher diverted the hamburg data protection officer. Hm had registered employees in a service center in nurberg and collected private data – from holiday experiences to disease symptoms.

This is followed by a budget of 10.4 million euros, which is the lower sachsian data protection officer against notebook-bearing.DE. Unlike HM, who did not want to go in vocation, to finish the case quickly quickly, the electronic item provider defends himself against the pre-warnings, inadmissible employees. The AOK in baden-wurttemberg had to pay 1.2 million euros for advertising purposes without consent.

Panters, ignorance and poweredness

According to the trading sheet, however, also follow smaller bubgelds, which often happen out of ignorance and passengerity. Accordingly, a lawyer had to pay 8,000 euros because he had accused a false craftsman as a debtor due to a name equal. Even when switching to the home office it came to data spans. The contact data collection for tracking of infection chains has led to offense.

In 2020 there was a total of 301 boys, in 2019 it was 187. Most penalties existed last year in north rhine-westphalia (93), followed by thuringen (40), saxony (29) and lower saxony (27). In the case of the data spans, on the other hand, in bavaria (5294), before baden-wurttemberg, where 2320 were reported and north rhine-westphalia (1775). The federal data protection officer ulrich kelber has not detected a book money himself 2020. The year earlier, he had a penalty of 9.6 million euros, which a court had a court to 900.Lowered 000 euros.

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