Nissan’s giant giant

Munchen, 8. May 2014 – whether funf or seven seats, whether four-wheel drive or two-wheel drive – the 1.7 centimeter in the long grown and now 4.65 meters measuring nissan X-trail of the third generation makes a good first impression. Its modern exercise may be considered as successful departure from the process design of the process. Added to this is a deflection of his wheelbase by 7.6 centimeters and an externally coarsent series equipment.

Departure from the box

Especially in terms of interior facilities and space, the 1.82 centimeter wide X-trail is coarsent. The seats of the middle row of seats can be moved in the long, so the passengers on the burst six and seven do not have to travel with their knees on their ears. Who requires the back places, for the nissan 800 euros, can do without a trunk volume of 550 liters. 1982 liters are available when the seats of the second row are folded up. The coarse tailgate offnet electrically via remote control. If you have to transport even more, you can add up to two tons of heavy pendant.

Drive of the new nissan X-trail is a 130 hp and 1.6 liters of gross four-cylinder diesel engine until the coming year. In 2015, a 1.6 liter gross turboenziner will be put to him. Despite a torque of 320 nm, the 1.6-tonner does not feel particularly flink in the lower speed range. It is good that you can keep the motor with the easy and prazis to switching manual six-speed gearboxes in the appropriate speed range above 2000 tours. Because then the performance is quite passable. The wearer xtronic automatic transmission is not an ie here, it is only available for the front-wheel drive versions

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