Open nato “communication center” in riga

Open NATO'kommunikationszentrum' in riga

Shares of households in the districts of latvia, in which russian is spoken. Map: tubs and xil (editing). License: CC BY-SA 3.0.

Military’s conference debates over influence of perception

One "communication" is the other "propaganda". The youngest example for this is the inauguration of a NATO facility in the latvian capital riga, which as the military object "strategic communications center of excellence" designated, during the russian prawda ("truth") of a "propaganda center" speaks.

The center, which has been on a long time, but only last week officially initiated center, is intended to coordinate the US senator john mccain present at the inauguration not only NATO activities, but contribute to eastern europe and in ukraine, "to disseminate the truth" (what he did not mean the russian newspaper). The ceremony also lived in the latvian state president raimonds vējonis, who belonged to the latvian grunen (cf. The first green state president of the EU). The former EU commissioner and current lithuanian state prassidential dalia grybauskaitė also arrived. By contrast, estonia had sent only his sword minister marina kaljurand.

On thursday and friday, a conference with the title found in the institution "PERCEPTION MATTERS" ("perception is important") instead of. At this conference, among other things, the use of the ISAF operations in afghanistan, the use of social media by jihadists, the use of the use of communication to start the defense readiness and the influence of mass media during societies during societies during societies during societies "critical situations".

Among the UC 200 participants were not only representatives of NATO, but also academics, PR professionals, journalists and politicians – including the latvian minister presentess laimda straujuma, their aufen and defense minister edgars rinkēvics and raimonds bergmanis, the polish minister of defense tomasz siemoniak, lithuanian counterpart juozas olekas as well as david bakradze, the georgian minister for "euro atlantic integration".

Straujuma meant to the participants, were present "values and companies challenged by new propaganda techniques". These propaganda techniques aimed at that "hearts and pears" influence. To meet these challenges effectively, one must have "find the right answers and solutions together". In addition, NATO has to have strong, which is why latvia will be charged at the latest in 2018 the target predefined by the bundnis, would turn to at least two percent of the gross domestic product for the militar.

In latvia, about 37 percent of the population of the country speak russian as a mother tongue. They live mainly in the capital riga and in the east of the country and inform themselves in russian media. The latvian state radio LTV agreed in april with the estonian state television EER the constituence of a common russian-speaking station, which is intended to represent events in a way that contradicts the views of the politicians in EU and NATO less (cf. TV in the baltics: in russian, but not from moscow). Also in estonia there is a significant russian minority, which provides more than a quarter of the population.

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