Paypal extends offer for installment and later payments

PayPal extends offer for installment and later payments

Payment service provider paypal expands its offer for installment payments for online shopping in germany: in addition to the 12-month term for financing, 3, 6 and 24 months are now available. At the relatively high effective annual interest rate of 9.99 percent, however, paypal is nothing. Handlers who want to offer customers a 0 percent funding must pay for separate charges at each rate.

The further conditions of the installed installments introduced in september 2019 remain the same: it stands for purchasing between 99 and 5000 euros for the fraction, instant repayments or premature complete rejections are possible at any time. The payment is carried out in the monthly installment in automatic direct debit procedure. For risk and receivables management, paypal. The option will display customers during the payment process in the online shop automatically after logging in to the paypal account. The decision on the financing approach achievements then in real time.

Pay later

In addition to the installment payments, paypal also contributes its payment options with the new option "payment after 30 days". Paypal bay only after a period of 30 days via direct debit the payment amount from the account of the buyer side. The trading site preserves the money directly at the transaction of paypal. There are no additional costs incurred on both sides. Against one "minor" customers were able to send the payment term to 84 days. So far, paypal had only offered the later payment with a 14-day deadline.

Own information according to the service, the service with this payment form to mimic the invoice purchase, which customers receive only the goods and then settle the bill within a period. According to different studies, buying on account is still the most popular payable in online book.

For both newly introduced payment forms, handlers should also play one in addition to the usual paypal payment button "pay later"-button can integrate on your shop page. Paypal applies the offers to make the trade opportunities "increased shopping cart values and conversion rates" boten .

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